Tips & Tricks with Suzanna (Video Included)

Hi Daisies! Suzanna here today to share with you a layout I created using the May kits and some tips and tricks along the way. To really appreciate the tips and tricks, it’s best to watch the process video. I wanted to use the rather tropical themed kits to create a non-tropical themed layout, I’ll share with you how I went about doing that.

The corresponding process video can be viewed here;

The center piece of this layout is the subscriber exclusive digital cut file. Tip #1 – be flexible! Things do always go as you intend them too. In laying down the “innards” of this file, the yellow pineapple bits, I adhered them too high up on the page. Doing so meant that my green outline with the pineapple top was no longer centered on the page and the top of the pineapple raneth overboard… Sigh… After having a mild fit, my solution was to fussy cut around the outline and use it on a clean, virgin piece of cardstock.

Tip #2 – use the “negative” of your digital cut file as a template to adhere the bits and pieces of your cut file to the background. This makes more sense when you watch the video and you can visually see what I’m talking about. There are a fair number of yellow diamonds that make the backing to that digital cut file background of the pineapple. I wanted them to be adhered “just so” so as to create the off set effect once the green outline was adhered and using the “negative” allowed for the perfect alignment, like a jigsaw puzzle coming together.

Tip #3 – While I love this kit and the theme, there are only so many flamingos and tropical leaves that one needs condensed into a month. You know what I mean? So to make the kits applicable to me currently, until more beachy pictures are available, I wanted to make it work for pictures I needed/wanted to scrap. To do that I adapted elements, for example, that “Hot Summer Days” circle which I die cut out from a 3×4 DITL card. I altered it to say “Goodbye Summer Days” by covering over hot with the letter stickers from Pink Fresh that come in the main kit. Perfect!

Tip #4 – Use wax paper or vellum to help you position, align and/or determine where things will be placed on your projects. If you watch my process videos, you will see an aweful lot of shuffling. I like to move things around and visually SEE how they look before I commit to sticking them down. By using wax paper or vellum, you have a translucent backing and save yourself the sticky trail that those sticky elements can often leave behind, like a snail trail.

Tip #5 – Use DITL card or cards to create hidden journaling pockets, or added design elements. Again, best viewed in the video, the card that says “This week” was partially fussy cut with an Xacto to create a pull tab of sorts or indicated that perhaps something is behind the picture. I frequently do this on my pages. Down each side and the bottom of the outer edge of the card, I laid double sided adhesive on the photo, thus creating a pocket for the journal card/DITL card. Simple, easy!

I hope you learned something new today, some of it may be just a refresher of ideas you may have known of or forgotten. If you have questions or comments, I would love to hear what you think!

Thanks for popping in today!

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  1. Emily

    This was so cool to watch and you made me want to scrapbooked!


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