Introducing the Cocoa Daisy online magazine!

Exciting times are coming to Cocoa Daisy. Have you noticed the countdown banner at the top of the site? That’s only the beginning!

Here’s Part II: Mary Kay and Christine tossed around a brilliant idea. Mary Kay mocked it up. They asked arleigh to take it to template stage, which she did swimmingly. Then Mary Kay painstakingly plugged everything in, and now you get to enjoy the result of hours upon hours of work by these three talented women. Please join us as we present the first ever Cocoa Daisy online magazine for your viewing pleasure. Click on the image now for gorgeous inspiration and eye candy. We promise, it will be worth your time. June’s Boho Garden issue is an abbreviated version; we needed to work out the kinks on a smaller format. But from here on out, in each issue we’ll feature layouts from each of our talented designers, showcasing how they used the current month’s kits. Christine will share her thoughts on the kits and how the designers used them. Each kit will be highlighted and there will be loads of inspiration to tide you over until your own Cocoa Daisy box hits your doorstep.

We’d love to hear what you think, please share your thoughts with us! #cdonlinemagazine


  1. Lisa Flaherty


    You leave me speechless.
    Jaw on desk.
    Clients wondering if I’ve had a stroke.
    Dangerous to go to Cocoa Daisy site covertly at work.


    • Mary Kay

      Why, thank you, Lisa! That’s more of arleigh’s graphic genius you see there.

  2. Marti Richards

    Well, this is pretty awesome! Beautiful job, ladies! Looking forward to seeing this every month. 🙂

  3. Suz Mannecke

    Beautifully designed! So fresh, clean, and graphic! Love it so! Well done ladies! WELL DONE!

  4. Sophia Allison

    Love this new mag you have brought it, makes for a great and inspiring read…♥


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