Planning with November Favourites.

Hello sweet Daisies!

It’s Kylie with you today and I’m going to share with you how I plan with my favourite goodies from my Planner kits. I have to say, I absolutely love everything I receive in the kits each month, but the following supplies are my go-to every single month! If you follow my planning journey via Instagram, you know how I love to fill in my pages.

My golden motto is ‘There’s always room for one more stamp!’ So let me share with you the items I can’t plan without each month.

The following stickers I use each and every month, thanks to them being so practical and functional.The date stickers and icon sticker sheets are really handy for keeping my pages neat and highlighting things of importance. I also love to use Alpha stickers each month.Usually I will use the cute sheets from either the Memory Keeping or Pocket Memory Keeping kits, but this month there was larger Alpha stickers included in the Planner kit…….Winning!

I tuck them into lots of little corners of my planner pages………….

Here you can see how I use the Alphas to highlight important things……….

Another item I regularly use each month is the stamps.Cocoa Daisy creates THE best stamps. For me again, they serve a functional purpose but also a decorative! This month was the first month I added some colour to my stamps and I have really loved the effect it gave to my pages.

Even though it is Spring here I got totally caught up with these leaf stamps……..And Simon is just so cute!

Do you like to use the free printables each month?? I LOVE them! They are perfect for adding an extra “tip in” page to your week for extra writing space if you need it and I love the little extra cards you can use such as this one……Ha! Love it!

Also this one…. The Simon and Betty printable I keep using. I think it was from February! They really add another level of fun to your planner.

My other favourite ‘Go To’ is the Washi Tape each month. I always like to edge my pages ring side to help reinforce them and to also add colour to my pages.

This month I have also prepared a short “Plan with me” video which will show you closer how I like to use my favourites.

Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have enjoyed seeing my planning and it inspires you with your own!

What are your favourite supplies to plan with??

Until next time,


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  1. Deborah

    I loved your video Kylie- your pages are always so lovely, and I enjoyed learning about your process and thoughts! 😊

    • Kylie Kingham

      Thanks Deborah, I’m so glad you liked it.


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