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Hello daisies! Today I thought I would share a bit of my current planner process.

The first thing I do each Sunday in preparation for the week to come is to decorate and plan in my minidori. Right now I only keep my events and appointments in here to get a clear view of what is going on. The basis of these pages I usually do before the month starts, the putting down dates, dividing up the spaces and setting up other parts of my planner.

This week the plans for the weekend  were a bit unclear so instead of writing something down  I just slapped a post it in there. This way I can write things down as they get decided. Plus how cute is that pumpkin? Love!

In  addition to events I am currently trying to incorporate my meal plan for the week in here. This week I just grabbed two of my Pitt Artist Brush pens and made lines and wrote the letter of the days of the week to the left. I also grabbed one of the headers from the sticker kit and made it into a banner, to do that you  carefully fold your sticker (make sure to not crease it though) and cut it from the middle-out on both sides.

On Tuesday I had a trip planned with work, this I marked down with a huge sticker from my stash and some alpha stickers from the Planner add on, the arrow is from the sticker kit. Layering stickers like this makes special events stick out a bit more.

For Thursday I layered a sticker on top of a strip of washi, this grounds the sticker a bit and also adds a bit of color which I love. Also don’t forget to use the tiny circle inside of the hole reinforcement stickers! I find them so adorable!

The second part of my planning is to set up in my Webster pages insert, here I keep my to do lists. The sticker kit makes it so easy to make these lists super fun as well as productive! I alternate between having week on two pages, like here, and week on four pages. It all depends on how much time I have on my hands, both during the planning session and during the week. This week was kinda busy so I made sure to not give myself a lot of  room to plan for things I know I won’t have time to see through. I find it much nicer to setup for success than for failure.

As daily headers this week I used the week on one page from the personal sized inserts, I cut them down to pieces  1.5″ wide so they would fit the stickers in the sticker kit. Also this is the same size as the boxes in other popular planners.

The two things I do for the weeks is to block off time when I know I will be busy or when I have plans that I know will take a bit of energy. This way I get a visual of how much time I will have for my to do’s. Adding in check  lists before the week starts makes it super easy to just take a couple of minutes to add in what needs to get done during the week.

Also  I made a quick video showing you the process:


Hope this could  offer a bit of inspiration!

To see more of my planner pages be sure to drop by my Instagram KaffekanAnna

Take care!

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  1. Simone Schermann

    Wow, Anna! Thank you for sharing your weekly planning process! It’s so great to see how others plan and I always take away something new!


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