September Mini Dori Set Up

I change my planning style so often.  I can see why the One Book July challenge was set about because I am sure that I am not the only planner that changes their set up and style all the time!!

Life has a way of helping me decide which way planning is going to go.  When I first started planning in a coil-bound planner all those years ago (I won’t say how many) It was for school.  The planner was given to us by the schools and we were to use them to record assignments, notes, Ideas, tasks, appointments, exams, etc.  I loved that thing, it was like an extension of me and it became part of who I was as a person.  And a planner has stuck with me in some shape or form through my life.

Here is my Meal Planning Calendar for the month.  I wanted it to look rustic so I didn’t use a ruler and made my lines more crooked intentionally

When I found Cocoa Daisy a year and a half ago with a friend, we were looking for something that was unique, offering variety, and the ability to make it what you wanted.  Boy in the year and a half that I have been with Cocoa Daisy I would say they have met those goals.  I am so proud to have been a part of this company as a Design Team member.

Here is the front cover of my dori, I don’t usually decorate it but I was trying something I hadn’t done for a while.

This month is no different.  I have switched again…lol…to a digital planner, and my Mini Dori for on the go planning.  This way I can carry my planner in my wallet, and its small and compact and fits in my purse, and my triking backpack, and now in my Rock Climbing bag so that I can take it with me where I go.

Here is my reflection page I made at the back of my dori to help me reflect on September planning, what worked, what needs tweaking, and what didn’t work at all.

I did a short video to show you how I set up my Dori, and I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for Watching!


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  1. Simone

    I love this Setup, Lindsay! I’m so glad I was able to have you on this team, thank you for always sharing your ideas!


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