Yearly Daisy Dori

When Cocoa Daisy said they were releasing a yearly daisy dori I was so happy! I need to forward to plan. We always have so many things to schedule months out and I needed a dedicated book to put them in. I love how they left the Yearly daisy dori undated. It’s nice to be able to pick it up in any month and start it.


I use elements from the kits to decorate each month. I love how they each will have their own unique theme and I can use my supplies I receive. It will be fun to look back on this book once it’s full and see how each month’s theme varied. Even from January to February the colors and feel are so different.

I’m trying to keep the same theme by using the large circle sticker that comes in the kit on the bottom right of each month. I pick one of my favorite washi tapes from that month to put down the side and then place the sticker right in the corner.

Since I don’t have the stickers ahead of time to put my dates on or decorate I simply fill in the dates with pencil. This way I can forward plan for the entire year and when my kit arrives I can add in the dates and decorative bits.

I love that we have the days of the week banners! They fit perfectly along the top. That’s usually the first stickers I put down when I get my kit.

Next I always add in my dates and lastly I add my washi and circle sticker.


It only takes me a few minutes to decorate my month and then I’m ready to go! I have all my appointments and events planned out and plenty of room to add more. As the month goes on I usually add cute stickers throughout and it helps me use up my kit.

I hope you’ll give the yearly daisy dori a try! It has been such a help to my future planning.

Happy Planning



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  1. Tracy Price

    I wish they would have made this available in all the Dori sizes. I was so excited when they announced it, so I rushed here to purchase, but they didn’t make it in the mini dori size.

  2. Simone Schermann

    Yes, first thing I do too is adding those day stickers to my yearly insert.

  3. mary hall

    I received mine yesterday. Already having lots of fun decorating it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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