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Tempted to try the minidori out for planning? Afraid that this cutie won’t fit all of your needs? Today I thought I would take you on a journey through my November planner and show you a few of the hacks it houses. This month I chose to change the cover out for one of the patterned papers, I will show you one of the reasons further down. The most obvious reason though is that this paper is hands down gorgeous!

On the inside of my cover I have my meal planning. I have used a bit of packaging that I have cut to size and used double sided tape to adhere, then I have tucked a couple of the notepad pages there, so I can make grocery lists and meal plan at the same time. For the meal planning part I use sticky notes from my stash that I have put on top of the plastic pocket. On the other side of the spread is my goals section. I like having them on my first page to keep me motivated!

This month I used the alpha stamp set in the 12×12 memory keeping kit to mark out my days, I stamped it in a grey ink that I felt complimented the daisydori nicely. The weekends have a spread of their own leaving plenty of space for decorating and fun adventures. Monday through Thursday share a spread, leaving just enough space for me to plan during my work weeks. Fridays get to share their space with a weekly to do and tracker page. All in all lots of space for planning, stickers and fun!

Missing the monthly overview? No problems! It’s only a quick DIY away. This month I freehanded one, just marking out roughly how big I wanted the squares to be. Again the alpha stamp came out to spell out November.  And lets just take a moment to appreciate those llamas.

Something I love doing is to mix in the personal pages in different ways. Here I have made another pocket where I have put the monthly overview. ThisI use to track my social media ideas and assignments. Next to it is a page for crafts I want to get done during the month.

Next month I am going on a little adventure and as the planner girl I am I want to get a head start on what to do and when. The way I decided to go about it was by using a week on two pages from the personal pages, washi tape them together and put them in my mini. Bonus for having plenty of space for budgeting, ideas and important notes. Perhaps even start a packing list. The possibilities are endless!

The second reason I chose to change the cover out was so I could create a little back pocket. This idea was inspired by a member of the Cocoa Daisy planner fans group who have made fantastic folders for her standard daisydori. Perfect to put a pack of die cuts and other bits and pieces!

On the back of the dori i have put a day on one page, this will be used as a exercise tracker. This was influenced by the same Cocoa Daisy planner fans member. She made a belly band for her notepad and I chose to put a planner page there instead.

The last thing I do each month is to place my notepad in the back. I love to have it there so I always have paper to quickly write things down. Also it looks so pretty together with my Scarlet FoxyFix, making it hard for me to put the planner away.

I don’t know about you but I definitely feel like this tiny little planner houses quite a good amount of planner fun!



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  1. Simone Schermann

    Oh yes, it sure does! Thanks so much, Anna for your great blogpost! It’s so inspiring!


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