September Planner Set Up with Birds and Typewriters! Oh My!

Hello Cocoa Daisy Fans! It's Jomelle and today is my very first blog here. I am very excited to share with you my September Planner Set Up. First of all, I want to say that Cocoa Daisy's inserts are already beautifully decorated that even if left blank, they still look very pretty. I must say, I fell in love with the Daisy Day Planner Theme for September as soon as I saw the Sneak Peak. It was truly Love at First Sight.

First thing first. Choosing the right Planner that matches the kit. I was torn between the Peach and the Mint Kikki K A5 planner. They both look good and they both match the color scheme for September. Which one would you choose?

I decided to use the peach since the typewriter with bird pencil pouch and my embellishments holder are already mint in color. I wanted to add a different color for contrast.

Here is what we planner girls call "Pocket Love" We just love to stuff our planner pockets with our planner goodies such as stickers, embellishments and cute paper clips. I also placed my note pad here and I added the little birdie on the top left corner as decor. I used a little piece of washi tape to adhere the bird so that it can be easily remove without damaging it and I can also re-use it again if I wanted to.

I was super excited that I was able to grab the Hello Bird Transparency Set on Reveal Day (my heart was pumping so fast during checkout). I'm glad they weren't sold out within minutes as the last Transparency set. (Still crying over that one)

Looking at this Dashboard set up makes my heart go Pitter Patter.

Did you know that Cocoa Daisy has Freebies that matches the kit every month so that you can print them out. I've been wanting to use them. I decided to print them on Acetate since they are very popular right now. Color printer is preferred so you can see the true beauty of Arliegh's design. I think they turned out really nice. I love love them.

As you can see in the picture below, this is what I used. I found the computer printable transparent plastic sheets on Amazon.

This September Freebie that I printed on Acetate looks well on top of this weekly page. It can be used as a page marker or bookmark.

Here's another Freebie that I printed that goes well over the weekly page. I added the washi tape on the left side. I think I will try to print the freebies on vellum next time. What do you think?

I am in love with Simon so I had to include him in my planner. This Simon transparency came with the Planner 102 Kit from last year.

I used the Personal size Dashboard and made it into a page marker for my current page that I am working on. I then added the tab on top so it will be easy for me to turn the page.

Here is my September Monthly layout. Super busy Month. My family loves to travel as much as we can. We just love Road Trips.

Creating my Monthly layout is my favorite. I normally add my work schedule first since they are set and permanent unless I request days off. I love to see all my plans and schedules for the whole month at a glance so I can make changes according to my work schedule and my boys' school. It's then easy for me to plan any mini vacation or road trips for my family.

Stamping was never my thing until I started creative planning. Then I fell in love with it. I love using stamps with different color inks that matches the theme colors. They add more flair. I also like layering my stamps as you can see here. I usually use a lighter color ink first then I add the black ink on the top. The top stamping will be more visible and yet you're still able to see the lighter stamp on the bottom layer.

We can't forget about Reveal Night!

Just showing how I use the extra pages that comes with the kit.

I love adding Love Letters to my husband in my planner.

I pre-decorated this page. I plan to add a picture of me and my husband during one of our Date Nights (If we ever find a chance)

Here I used couple more Personal Dashboards. I punched the holes so that they are in the middle of the page. I also added the tab on the sides.

September 7 is my husband's Birthday. Here I am using the Daily Page to jot ideas, notes and my plan for his birthday.

As you can see on the left side of the planner, I added the notepad on the back of the Personal Dashboard to add a little bit more decor instead of it being plain white.

Here is my weekly layout for the first week of September. Since September 1 is on a Friday, I decorated the left side of this page and I also added list/notes because I didn't want to waste the empty space.

I plan to use my weekly as memory keeping. I added the freebie that I printed on acetate on the bottom right of this page as a marker for current week.

Close Ups

Stamp sets I used for this project. I also used the Ink stamp from September 2016 (Not shown since it didn't have the top plastic sheet to show what stamp it is)

That's all for today. Thank you for stopping by and I hope I was able to inspire you to start your September Planner Set up. I'm also hoping you'll have as much fun as I did while setting up your planner. Have a nice day.







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  1. Kelley Coates-Carter

    Jomelle these are so beautiful! Thank you for sharing your planner and how you achieve each of the unique features. I love it!

  2. Jomelle Gomez

    Thank you so much Kelley! I’m happy to share my planner set up! I actually had so much fun setting this up!

  3. Laura Daniels

    Awesome first blog post Jomelle! So proud of you 💕 I was inspired by all the great photos and ideas! Thanks for sharing 😉


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