My Daily & Weekly Daisy Day Planner Pages

Hello daisies, it’s Sam here to share some of my daily & weekly pages from my planner after inspired by Candi’s post about how she decorate her planner pages. I am totally in love with how she decorates her pages with scrapbooking supplies and wood veneer. She never fails to amaze me with all her pretty pages 😉 Me, on the other hand, is a hoarder for my scrapbooking supplies, I only decorate my planner pages a tiny bit but I do enjoy looking / peeking at other girls’ pages.

Daily Weekly-1

There are times that I do decorate my pages a lot, but most of the time i only write down my daily to-do, schedule and add a few stickers + washi tapes here and there. I am a very visual person and need all my supplies to be in rainbow colours, so I decided to add some colours to the plain white reinforcement ring stickers (from November kit) with Copic Markers, inspired by a technique shared by Jennifer Mcguire Ink in this video. I coloured the reinforcement ring stickers in blue, teal and yellow to match the colours of November kit with colic markers. It is so easy and wouldn’t take up more than 5 minutes to colour a sheet of these stickers =)

Daily Weekly-9

I have recently started bullet journalling – hoping to be more organised and more efficient in managing my daily tasks – since I have so many ideas for different things but only have 24 hours a day. After a year of starting my own online shop, I realised the toughest part of working from home would be time management. There are time that I sleep less than 2 hours a day and there are times that I didn’t get to work in front of my desk for more than 2 hours a day. After looking for more info about bullet journal, I have another fauxdori to take down my everyday to-do list. And I have also compile a list of my daily Must-do here. I keep this list on a piece of transparency that I use  it as page marker. This works so well to remind me to work through my daily task one-my-one instead of running around like a headless chicken.

Daily Weekly-7

I also like to punch holes of the  memo pad and slot it into my planner. I often use the memo papers to create shopping list or wish list, or special to-do list. The birdie memo pad in the November kit is simply gorgeous!

Daily Weekly-2

Or sometimes I washi tape the memo paper to one of the page too when I couldn’t find my hole punch (or simply too lazy to grab it). Whatever works lol.

Then here are some pages of my daily pages – they look pretty simple, without much decoration. I normally stamp the dates on my weekly & daily pages whenever I received the kits. I use the to-do list to jot down task that I need to do daily and the schedule would be a reminder of my doctor’s appointments (been seeing doctor a lot lately ;)), the time when the mail man comes picking up the mails, important emails  / calls that I need to remember.

Daily Weekly-8

Since I don’t decorate my pages a lot, the Daisy Day Planner pages are too pretty that no decoration is needed! I just keep a few sheets of stickers, tape glue and a few multi colour pens in my pencil case when I need to do daily planning on-the-go.

Daily Weekly-6

Daily Weekly-5

Daily Weekly-4

And here’s my weekly pages. I simply love the week-on-one-page format and loving the colours of this month too! I am in love with yellow recently.

Daily Weekly-3

Daily Weekly-10

Do share with us how you use your Daisy Day Planner. Can’t wait to see  them in the gallery 😉 Have a great day!





  1. Anita Harper on Facebook

    Such a lovely blog post, love what you’ve done with the reinforcement rings, they look fab! Thanks x

  2. Shannon Yates on Facebook

    Wow! I learned so much from this post about how to make a planner functional and pretty. Love the idea of hole punching the memo pad paper and adding it to the planner and coloring the reinforcement rings too.Read more…

    • Happie Scrappie

      CommentThanks Shannon! Happy to share my ways of using the planner pages!


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