Hello Monday Morning 🙂

This blog post is going to be short and sweet…I just returned from a lovely 8 day vacation out West visiting family!  What an amazing time…just look at this view that I got to wake up to every morning!!!


Enough talk about vaca 😉 Let’s talk about planners…oh my favorite thing!!!  I have been playing around a little bit with the FREE Printable Day Planner Downloads and I LOVE them a lot!

I am super lucky…I get to use the color copier at my full time job!  I took my 3 ring binder to work with me and printed off about 10 of each printable and stuck them in my binder…that way they don’t get wrinkled up, plus it’s a great way to store those printables and when it’s time for a new sheet, I just grab it out of my binder 🙂


They are SO easy to trim down…there are crop marks right on each sheet…


Once they are trimmed down, I punch holes in them…I was able to punch 6 of these sheets at one time with my handy dandy punch from Rapesco!


This is my favorite one…the meal planner 🙂  I added a cute sticker and stamped out the dates of my week…


This printable is going to be super handy for me…I am always forgetting my passwords!!!


I definitely need to make a shopping list before I hit the grocery store!  I usually jot down the things I need on a scratch piece of paper…lunches, dinners and such for the week and then I take my list and write down the items (in store aisle order)…works great for me!


I hope you have gotten a chance to play around with the free printables…if not, GO now!  They are awesome 🙂  There are also premium printables too…

Make sure to share your printable planner pics in our Daisy Day Planner Gallery…I would love to see them!

Happy Planning!!!


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