Planner Love at First Sight!

Hello, Daisy Day Planners 🙂

Candi here today…AND it’s my first blog post with CD!!!  I was SO excited when Christine invited me to be part of the Daisy Day Planner Team 🙂 I am a HUGE planner nerd (wink) and love to share ideas and thoughts about planners…so this opportunity is PERFECT for me!

I thought for my initial post I would show you a little bit of the inside of my planner and how I am currently using my inserts and the things I love about them so far…because honestly these inserts are new to me AND you!  I know as the weeks move along I will add fun things to my planner and then I can share those ideas with all of you in the upcoming blog posts…

First off…H E L L O, gorgeous inserts…


As soon as my October Daisy Day Planner Kit came in the mail and I opened that package up…it was Planner Love at first sight!!!!  Just look at those beautiful colors…

You will see on my October tab I have highlighted my pay days and my vacation week.  I used a red pen to mark off the days.  On the right side is my first week in review and this is my favorite part of the kit…I love to add little highlights of my days here…it’s great to go back and look at these sheets when you are working on layouts and project life!  I used the date stamp that was included in the kit to stamp out each day…


October 1st I added a sheet from the note pad to jot down a few notes from that day…plus I added one of the journal cards and that cute little “SMILE.” card that came in your Daisy Day Planner Kit.  I don’t know about you, but when I see that little card…I do put a big smile on my face!


Here is another journal card that I added in on October 3rd.  I used my Rapesco 6 Hole Diary Adjustable Punch (works for pocket, personal and a5 size planners) to punch the 3 holes in the card.


I do this ALL THE TIME in my planner…I take a light weight piece of chipboard, trim it down to size, punch holes in it and create a to-do list!  Here I listed my design team assignments.  The great thing about this little “marker” is that I can move it from day to day!!!


Another shot of the week in review inserts…LOVE!  I added some fun stickers along the way…


Just about half way through the month already…looking forward to stopping back by later on this month to show you the rest of October!

Look at what I have here…my November Daisy Day Planner Kit just arrived!!!


Time to dive in…

Happy Planning!


  1. Sue Jimenez

    I love your personnel Filofax in nude and how the October planner pages look so good in it. I bet the November pages will also look great in it. I’ve already received my November planner kit and I’m kicking myself for missing out on the October planner kit.

    • Mary Kay

      Hi, Sue! I’m so glad you have your November kit in hand already; you can now subscribe to our planner kits so you don’t miss a month!

    • filoeyecandi

      Thank you, Sue!!! Yes…those November pages look great with that nude 🙂

  2. Chelley

    Lovely as always, Candi! Can’t wait to see what you do with the November kit 🙂

    • filoeyecandi

      You are too sweet, Chelley…thank you!

  3. Tiffany Wagner O'Grady on Facebook

    This looks great! I haven’t gotten a full kit yet but I’m using the pages in conjunction with my EC planner on days when I have more going on. I love that they are undated so I don’t waste them on slower days!

  4. Rhea

    my favourite blog of all time

  5. Rhea

    what planner are you using and i love your setup

    • filoeyecandi

      Thanks!!! It is the nude Filofax in personal size!


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