December Daisy Dori


I have been excited for December for months now! There is just something special about the holidays that makes me feel like a kid again. This year we have a new baby and a new puppy to share all the magic with. Documenting and planning this time of year is very important to me! I knew I wanted a kind of errand runner to take with me for daily tasks and lists. The Daisy Dori is the perfect size for on the go! I decided to put mine in this pocket size Boss Babe in Scarlet by The Foxy Fix. It feels so festive and it’s a nice leather that can take a beating when I throw it in my bag.


I kept the inside pretty simple! The prints this month are just stunning and it made it so easy to decorate. The pocket on the left was a library style pocket that came in a scrapbook kit a few months back. I adhered it with a tape runner glue and stuck an extra tab, scrap paper, and the small sticker sheet inside.


I added some of the notepad paper to the back of this dashboard for easy access. I love to grab a piece to jot down whatever is on my mind. I need to do a lot of brain dumping around the holidays. I also cut down one of the dashboards to add to the cover of my Daisy Dori.


I love the tabs that are included in the kits! I added quite a few to this month’s insert. I love that the small sheet of stickers fit perfectly on the die cut tabs.


I went ahead and numbered all of my days using the flag numbers from the large functional sticker sheet. I use these spaces to write out to-do lists, jot down reminders, and on really slow days I use it to practice hand lettering.


I started a gift list page for each of my kids. Luckily my two youngest can’t read and my son never checks my notebooks, lol. Let’s hope he doesn’t start now! I hope you enjoy your December kits and I can’t wait until the end of the month when I can show you my standard size December Daily!

xoxo Happy Planning



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