Ornaments from the Planner kit

Good Morning Daisy fans!  Wendy and Simone here today to share some fun ornaments we created out of the December Planner kits.  Isn’t it amazing what you can create from these kits?  Not only planner fun, but layouts, Pocket Pages, cards, and even ornaments!

Up first we have Simone; I love how she decorated pieces with the ephemera included in the kits and the paint ties them all together.

I have 2 different kids of ornaments and instructions for both so you can make your own.

Here is the first ornament, the sphere.  You need 5 – 1/2×8 inch strips.  Poke a hole through the center; it is easier if you also poke holes through each end now.  Make sure your string is long enough.  And a binder clip to hold each strip as you assemble the sphere is a really good idea!

The next ornament, the long one, needs 2- 3/4×8 inch strips, 2- 3/4×7 inch strips, 2- 3/4×6 inch strips.  Take the 6 inch strips and run string through them and seal them up, make sure your string is long enough.  Gather all the strips at one end and staple them together using the eraser trick shown below.  Repeat.  Finish with washi tape and decorative beads.

Here’s another look at the ornaments on our tree.  I hope you’ve enjoyed our out of the box look at the Planner kit today!  You can share your inspiration on the Cocoa Daisy IG or here on the Cocoa Daisy planner FB page.

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  1. Simone Schermann

    I remember those! Thanks for bringing them back to live! Your ornaments look so lovely!


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