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I just got my first Cocoa Daisy subscription box and I was BLOWN AWAY. It is so, so, so beautiful and charming, and it came with so many amazing goodies I hadn’t even expected – all perfectly packaged. Best little gift I’ve bought myself – highly recommend it!!!

I don’t know what to say!! Today my much anticipated package arrived. It’s amazing, perfect, cute, colorful and full of planner joy! (Planner kit and add on kit)
You have exceeded my expectations and let me tell you, I have belonged to scrapbooking clubs, mixed media clubs, art journaling clubs, stamp clubs etc. but this kit is the best I have seen yet. Over 10 years of stuff that does not compare to what I received today.

Just wanted to say how much I love Cocoa Daisy. The products you pick are always fabulous. Your website is gorgeous. I find myself wandering over to all the time – just to drool over all the pretty kits, and getting great ideas from the galleries. And when I finally get a kit in the mail, it’s like Christmas! I think my favorite part is just opening up the box and pulling everything out. The are always packed up nicely, too – I swear you can even tell by the way it’s packed that you guys must love what you do.

I am so glad I found your site – and can’t wait to get my next kit. Lauren

I received my very first DITL kit today, and not only was the kit itself beautiful and truly unique, but the way it was packaged was amazing. I have ordered kits from a handful of companies over the years, and never have I received one that felt like it was packaged with so much thought and love. I’m just so very, very impressed. Other SB companies could learn a lot from the level and attention to detail you give to the kits you send out. What a great first experience. Carrie

I have looked at a lot of other kit clubs (and tried buying one off items) but have not found a company that has the customer service and product that CD does… Christine seems to have the pulse of the business. Julie

I just wanted to send a note to thank you for the service you provide. I was a member of another kit club prior to Cocoa Daisy and cancelled them to start with you. I must say the customer services and the inclusiveness of Cocoa Daisy is SO MUCH better. I feel confident that I will enjoy my kits every month and feel that the service is so reliable. Kristi

Received my first order and I am absolutely beyond excited. The packing was awesome, and the products were too. I had no idea. Can’t wait to get started planning and look forward to next month’s planner pages surprise. So glad I found your company. Beth

I received my planner kit and it is the most exciting, fun, cute, well thought out kit that you could find. You go above and beyond for these kits. Thank you so much and I cannot wait for the next month.
I am just in awwwwww over this kit.

Thank you so much for the wonderful kits I received some days ago! I just loved them! From the careful packaging, to the awesome colours, lovely details, gorgeous papers and cute embellishments everything about that little box was just pure joy! Thank you so much! I really looking forward to the rest of my subscriptions!

Thank You! I wanted to drop a note to say thank you for your kits and your customer service. There has never been a question that hasn’t been answered by a personal email within a day or two (usually within a few hours). Your kits are so lively, colorful and just make me happy. I’ve tried many other subscriptions and I really can say that your company is the top of the bunch. Thank You! I’m so glad I found Cocoa Daisy. Kerry

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Title Techniques

Title Techniques

Hello Daisies!! Moon here today to share how I made the unique title for my 12"*12"layout. One thing I love about the journaling cards from Memory Keeping Pocket Kit is that I can use the printed card as the title directly. In this case, I want to have a big title,...

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Dashboard Love

Hello my fellow Daises! Lisa here showing off the dashboards I made this month with the fabulous Picket Fences kit for May. This kit was by far one of my all time favorites and I couldn't get enough of it. There were so many amazing elements to use and with some...

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