Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, please browse our FAQ.

Kit Availability

When will the next monthly kit become available?
  • Monthly Kits and add-ons are revealed in the Cocoa Daisy store and on our message board at 8 PM (EST) on the 28th day of each month.
  • Between the 28th and the 1st day of each month, the new kit and add-ons will be available for purchase to subscribers only. Subscribers will receive an email with a special Subscriber link at about 9 PM (EST) on the 28th. (See below for what to do if you don’t receive the Subscriber link.)
  • Items that are still in stock may be purchased by the general public starting at midnight (EST) on the first day of each month.

Subscriber Benefits

Why should I subscribe?
Subscribers enjoy a number of extra benefits, including automatic shipment of each month’s kit, first opportunity to purchase add-ons, convenient ordering via our monthly Subscribers-Only email, special events and more.  We also provide subscribers with exclusive, free cut files and printables that coordinate with each month’s kit. Access to those files is typically provided by email by the 15th of the month.
 Please read on to learn how a Cocoa Daisy Subscription works.
When should I expect to receive my monthly kit?
Once you’ve signed up for a subscription, your kit will be delivered to you automatically throughout its duration. You do not need to order another kit at Reveal. Your credit card of record (or PayPal account) will be billed on the 1st (for planner kits, planner add ons, dashboards and pages subscriptions) or the 5th (for Main and Day in the Life subscriptions) of each month. (Note: please let us know if your credit card renews, as we’ll need to update the expiration date!) We typically ship planner kits, pages and add ons by the 10th of each month and other kit subscriptions by the 12th of each month. Occasionally shipping is delayed by a day or two due to weekends or holidays. You will receive an email via with tracking information once your subscription has shipped.
If I subscribe do I need to order the kit at Reveal?
Subscribing to a kit is much like subscribing to a magazine; you don’t need to purchase the kit at Reveal. Once you’ve signed up for a subscription, your kit will be delivered to you automatically until you cancel (see below for details).
Do subscribers pay a discounted rate for each kit?
Subscribers receive a discount with a six-month subscription. We occasionally run special events that may increase the price of a monthly kit. We will notify you in advance of such events and give you the option to opt out at no cost.
Standard monthly pricing and subscriber prices are:
Standard monthly price Subscriber price
Main Kit $32.95 $29.95
Day in the Life Kit $25.99 $24.99
Planner Kit $28.50 $25.99
Planner Pages (no early ordering) $10.50 $8.50
Planner Add On (no early ordering) $17.00 $15.00
How do I add extra washi, stickers, etc. to my subscription?

Starting with the October 2016 Planners, shipping in September, we are offering the option to add a few additional items to your subscription. The same exclusive Cocoa Daisy stickers, washi tape, note pads and sticky notes that are in the Planner Kits will be available to add to your subscription. New credit card subscribers can choose the items from a check list when they subscribe; existing subscribers or new subscriptions with PayPal can use this form to add them to your subscription. Please note that if you pay by PayPal and the additional items total more than 20% of your monthly charge, you’ll need to provide credit card details so we can bill you for the extras each month.

Add Ons and Options

Are subscribers given the opportunity to purchase each month’s kit add-ons before they are made available to the general public?

At 9:00 PM Eastern on the 28th of each month we send all subscribers* an email announcing the preview of our upcoming kit, with a link to subscriber-only area in the Cocoa Daisy Store. Subscribers may order monthly add-ons in advance of the product being made available to the general public, by following the link in the email. Once you click the link you can also navigate to other parts of the store, like Clearance or the Daisy Store, and order items to ship free* with your kit. The link is good through the 2nd of the month.

If  you have not received your link by 9:05 PM Eastern on the 28th, please check our message boards under Forums > This Month’s Reveal to see if the email has sent yet. There are occasionally delays, and we note them there. If the email has sent and you still don’t have it, please double check that you subscribe to a full kit and not just Add On, Dashboards, or Pages.  Beyond that, please check to see which email you provided us; if you used PayPal, that is the email that we will send the link to. You might also check your spam and junk folders to see that it did not go there. If you’re not able to find it any of those ways, please drop us an email at and we’ll send it out.

Add-ons ordered through the Subscriber link prior to the 2nd of each month will be included with your monthly kit. No additional shipping charges are applied unless either noted in the add-on description or *if the actual shipping cost is more than 25% over the flat fee; in those cases you will be charged for the difference between 125% of  the rate you paid and actual shipping and the parcel will not be shipped until that amount is paid.  After the 2nd day of each month, we can no longer guarantee subscribers that their add-on orders and monthly kit will be shipped together.

*Please note that subscribers to the Planner Pages Only and Planner Add On subscriptions do not get access to early ordering due to the lower shipping rates for those subscriptions.

What if I don't get a Subscriber Only email with the special link for early ordering?

Please note that this answer only applies to subscribers to the Main, Day in the Life, or Planner kits. Subscribers to the Planner pages only  and Planner Add On subscriptions do not get early-ordering access because the shipping rates are lower.

If you haven’t received the Subscriber email by 9:05 PM Eastern, please check in on the message boards to see if others are experiencing a delay, which does occasionally happen with our email software. Generally when this happens we post on the message board about the delay and again when the email has sent. If others seem to have received the email, you can check your Spam or Junk folder to see if it’s landed there. If you still can’t find it you can email us at and we’ll get one right out to you. (In any case you’re welcome to join us on the message boards for Reveal, where we chat and give away prizes from 8:00-10:00 PM Eastern on Reveal night.)


Something I wanted is sold out. Will you be getting more in? Is there a waiting list?
While we try to anticipate demand and order accordingly, our kits are limited-edition by design. We generally do not restock them. Occasionally we have kits left after shipping, so feel free to complete this form to be put on a waiting list in case we have some left over. We generally do not restock stamps or other exclusives, either, due to the quantities in which we must order them.
If you find that you’ve missed a kit or a month of planner pages and you want to be sure that doesn’t happen again, the best way is to subscribe before Reveal night (the 28th) so that we count your kit in our planning. If you subscribe after 8:00 AM Eastern on the 28th we cannot guarantee you will get that month’s kit.

Policies and Conditions

What are the shipping rates?

We ship all packages by USPS, either Priority or First Class depending on size, weight and destination.

Please note that if you subscribe to multiple kits we will combine shipping to give you the best/lowest possible rate. For example: If you are a Domestic customer subscribing to both a Main kit and Day in the Life kit, your shipping would only be $8.00. Or, if you subscribed to the Day in the Life kit and Planner Pages Only, your shipping would only be $6.00.  No additional shipping charges are applied unless either noted in the add-on description or if the actual shipping cost is more than 25% over the flat fee; in those cases you will be charged for the difference between 125% of  the rate you paid and actual shipping and the parcel will not be shipped until that amount is paid.

If you have any other shipping questions please email us at (Please note that at the time you purchase your subscriptions you are automatically charged the full shipping amount for each kit; we will make that adjustment and refund the difference around the 24th of the month.)

Kit and/or add on purchase shipping rates are as follows:

Domestic Flat Rate Canada Flat Rate International Flat Rate**
Main Scrapbook Kit $8.00 $14.50 $20.00
Day in the Life Kit $6.00 $14.50 $20.00
Pages + Planner Add On $6.00 $14.50 $20.00
A5 Planner Pages Only* $3.00 $5.00 $11.00
Personal Pages* $3.00 $3.50 $7.00
Daisy Dori booklet* $3.00 $3.50 $5.00
Planner Add On* $6.00 $9.00 $14.50
Dashboards* $3.00 $3.50 $7.00
Planner Kit $6.00 $14.50 $20.00

*does not qualify for early ordering or free shipping of add-ons but does qualify for combined subscription shipping; rate will be highest rate of all kits subscribed to; subject to policy for excess weight, above.

**Please note: While we wish we could ensure that every package we ship arrives quickly and in perfect condition, sometimes things go wrong in transit. Once we send your Cocoa Daisy goodies on their way we can no longer be responsible for delays or damage. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking  information and, for domestic packages, it becomes your responsibility to contact the USPS for resolution. International customers should contact us directly at

Can you ship UPS, FedEx or other express service?

We ship all packages by USPS, either Priority or First Class depending on size, weight and destination. We are not able to ship via UPS or FedEx due to the cost; international packages shipped with those carriers cost $60-100 for a small package that weighs less than three pounds.

For domestic deliveries we find that using USPS Express costs three to four times as much but only gains one day over Priority, so we generally do not use that service.

What happens if my package is lost or damaged in transit?

If you receive an item that is not as represented on our site, we are happy to replace it at our expense.

However, while we wish we could ensure that every package we ship arrives quickly and in perfect condition, sometimes things go wrong in transit. Once we send your Cocoa Daisy goodies on their way we can no longer be responsible for delays or damage. You will receive a confirmation email with tracking  information and it becomes your responsibility to contact the USPS for resolution.

What is your returns policy?

Returns for kits: We do not allow kit returns. All sales are final. If your kit happens to arrive damaged please notify us within 10 days of receipt and we will make arrangements to get a new kit to you. We do require that the damaged kit be returned to us and we will refund your shipping cost. If that month’s kit is no longer available we will credit your account for the following month’s kit.

Returns for non-kit items:  You may return an item or items in unused, saleable condition for a refund within 30 days of receiving them. Please securely package it back up and ship it back to us. We will refund the cost of the item(s) but we are not able to refund the initial shipping or the return shipping.

How can I cancel my subscription? Does it auto-renew?

If you wish to cancel your membership, please notify us by completing this form prior to the 20th of the month. Otherwise we will automatically renew your commitment month-to-month until you notify us that you would like to discontinue your subscription. If you wish to cancel your membership before your six-month subscription term is complete, please complete the form  and we will handle your request on a case by case basis. An early cancellation fee of $15 per subscription will be applied ($5 for planner pages-only, dashboards and planner add on subscriptions).

Canceling your recurring payments with PayPal will not cancel your subscription with Cocoa Daisy. If canceling a PayPal subscription, you will need to either provide Cocoa Daisy with another method of payment, or with a cancellation request.

You can find more information in our subscription terms for the Main scrapbook and DITL  kits or for the Planner subscriptions.

How can I change my subscription to a different kit or planner configuration?

Changes must be made by the 20th of the previous month; changes made after that date may not occur until the following month.

If you want to change a detail of your subscription (say, changing to a different size planner page, or switching from the DITL to the Main kit), the course of action depends on how you pay.

  1. If you pay by credit card, just complete this Subscription Change Request and we’ll change it in any way you’d like. As long as you are maintaining a subscription with us, there will be no early cancellation fee for changes.
  2. If you pay by PayPal, the course of action depends on the “direction” of the change. In any case there is no early cancellation fee if you maintain a subscription.
    1. If it does not affect your monthly charge– a change in page size or hole configuration, for instance– just complete the form and we will take care of it.
    2. If the new charge will be less than the old one– downgrading from a planner kit to pages only, or from a Main kit to DITL– completing the form is all that’s necessary.
    3. If the change will result in a higher monthly charge, please complete the form AND do the following: log into your PayPal account (instructions are in our FAQs) and cancel the old subscription, and then subscribe to the new kit.
Can I receive a PayPal invoice for my subscription each month?

If you purchase a subscription in our store and check out using regular PayPal, that will require us to invoice you every month, and there is a two dollar per month surcharge for that service. If you’d rather avoid the fee, you can sign up for automated PayPal by choosing the appropriate subscription here or provide your credit card card number on our secure online form.

I was expecting a refund and I haven't got it yet.

We process cancellation requests, refunds and other paperwork between the 20th and the 24th of the month. Because of the cyclical nature of our subscription model, it’s necessary to process all those requests at once. Please watch for your refund and let us know if it has not appeared in your account by the end of the month. Thanks so much for understanding!

If a kit is sold out but I start a subscription, will I get this month's kit?

In order to be guaranteed you will get the coming month’s kit, new subscriptions must be purchased before 8 AM (Eastern) on the 28th. Between the 28th and the 1st some kits do sell out to Subscribers; if that happens we will notify you and your subscription will begin with the following month’s kits. Any subscription after the 1st will begin with the next month. A subscription on February 28 begins with the next kit (March Scrapbook or DITL, April planner); a subscription on March 1 will begin with April Scrapbook or DITL or the May planner.

(Please note that if kits are unavailable to start the subscription the following month, we may shut down subscriptions until the 1st. If you find that a subscription is not available to add to your cart, please come back on the 1st and subscribe then.)

When your subscription begins with a coming month we aren’t able to extend early ordering/free shipping for the current month, but you will receive the subscriber link next month to order items and have them shipped free with your kit.

Where can I view the terms of my subscription?


The terms are linked on each subscription page, or you can find them at the links below. Please take a few minutes to read the terms for your subscription, as they contain important information that could affect you financially.

Scrapbook and Day in the Life Subscription Terms

Planner Subscription Terms

Can I get a box to review for my blog or YouTube channel?

Please e-mail us at for consideration and include a link to your blog or YouTube channel, monthly statistics, and any other information that can help us to make a decision.

While we wish we could send kits to all those who request it, we like to work closely with our reviewers and will only be accepting those that we feel would be a good mutual fit for us.

However, if you still want to purchase your own kit and do a review, please send it to us and we’d love to share it.  We can usually work with you to reserve a frequently sold-out kit so that you can get one to review. Let us know which kit interests you and we’ll see what we can do!

Navigating the Cocoa Daisy Store

How can I add another subscription to my box?

To add another subscription to be shipped with your kit, simply subscribe through the store or by PayPal. We will adjust the shipping to combine for the best possible rate as outlined in “What are the shipping rates?” in the FAQs. You will initially be charged full shipping, but we will refund and/or adjust that before the next billing date.

Why don't I see my subscription in the store? or I have a subscription, but I don't seem to have an account in the store. How is that possible?

If you have subscribed via PayPal, that bypasses the store and does not show in your store account. You can confirm your PayPal subscriptions by logging into your PayPal account, clicking the gear next to “log out” and clicking on “Preapproved Payments” at the bottom of the page. You can, of course, create a Cocoa Daisy store account to use for ordering other items by PayPal or credit card.

How can I see my PayPal subscriptions?

If you have subscribed via PayPal, that bypasses the store and does not show in your store account. You can confirm your PayPal subscriptions by logging into your PayPal account, clicking the gear next to “log out” and clicking on the Payments tab and then “Preapproved Payments.”

I'm trying to subscribe by PayPal but I keep getting an error.

In order to subscribe to any of our kits using PayPal, you must set up an automated subscription profile. This bypasses our store, so the following process must be followed:

Only one subscription can be purchased at a time; if you want multiple kits, please follow this process for each one:

  1. Do NOT add the subscription to your cart. If you’ve already added it, click “View Cart” and remove the subscription.
  2. Click “Click for Details” under “Add to Cart.”
  3. Choose your country and indicate the number of holes for planner pages
  4. Please read and agree to the terms. They are not long but they contain important information that will impact you financially.
  5. Click the yellow Subscribe button and you will be taken to PayPal to complete payment.

To confirm a PayPal subscription, log into your PayPal account, click the gear next to Log Out, then on the Payments tab click Preapproved Payments. If you do not see your Cocoa Daisy subscription there, it did not go through.

How can I update my address or credit card information on file?

You can update your credit card information on file by using our secure online form.  Please note this will create an authorization for $1.00, which will not create an actual charge.

You can use the same form to update your shipping address; please note that changing your address in your store profile will not update it in our shipping software, and will not alert us to the change. Similarly, using a new card in the store does not save that information or alert us to the change. You must use the Update Payment Details form, linked at the bottom of the site.

I can't log in / I don't remember my username / it says I don't have an account.

The store and the forums have separate log ins for security reasons. The store uses your email address to log in and you can recover your password here. If you subscribed via PayPal that bypasses the store and does not create an account. If you do not yet have a store account, you can set one up here. The forum requires a username; if you know your username you can reset your password here, or if you don’t please email and we’ll help you recover it.

Log in to store

Do I get Daisy Points for my monthly kit? Can I use points for my subscription?

You receive Daisy Reward Points when you purchase anything in our store, including the first month of your initial subscription when you pay with a credit card. Because subsequent subscription kits and payments do not go through the store, it would be an entirely manual process to enter points in hundreds of accounts every month. For the same reason, if you subscribe with automated PayPal the store is bypassed and points are not awarded. We hope you understand that we created the Daisy Points program as a benefit to you, our customer, but manually entering points would require many hours of time that we would rather spend creating and shipping our beautiful kits to you.


Points can be used in the store only for add-ons and Daisy Store purchases; they are not redeemable for ongoing subscription kits.

What does the order status "Updated" mean?

“Updated” means the order has been printed in preparation for shipping. When the order ships, you’ll get an email from with tracking information.

Daisy Day Planner Questions

What size are the planner pages? What planners do they fit? How are the holes spaced?

A5 pages are 5.8″ x 8.3″ and personal pages are 3.7″ x 6.7″ in size. Standard Daisy Dori is 8.25″ x 4.375″, Personal Daisy Dori is 3.7″ x 6.7″, and Pocket Daisy Dori is 3.5″ x 5″. There is a visual representation here for you to get a feel for how the sizes compare.

A5 pages with six holes work in Filofax A5 and kikki K Large planners, as well as Simple Stories’ Carpe Diem A5 binders and Webster’s Pages A5 binders. A5 pages with seven holes work in Franklin and Day Timer A5 binders.

Filofax makes a personal binder that fits our inserts perfectly; Webster’s Pages also makes a personal-sized binder. Many people use our Personal inserts in the kikki.K Medium binders, as well. We carry Webster’s Pages and Carpe Diem in the Daisy Store but we have had some issues keeping them in stock due to the tremendous demand.

The exact measurements of the holes are, starting from the top of the page (in inches):

A5 7 hole

1 1/2,  2 1/2, 3 1/2, 4 1/4, 5, 6, 7″

A5 6 hole
1 1/4, 2 1/16, 2 13/16, 5 1/2, 6 5/16, 7″

Personal 6 hole
7/8, 1 5/8, 2 3/8, 4 3/8, 5 1/8, 5 7/8″

Also, remember that you can get our pages with no holes if none of these work.
We also have the Daisy Dori Standard booklet which is meant for Traveler’s Notebooks and similar elastic-strap systems. Our Standard booklet is 8.25″ x 4.375″, similar to the Midori Regular size (8.267″x4.33″).  The Pocket size Daisy Dori (similar to Midori’s Passport size) is available as a printable each month.



Where do I get the planner binders? Do you sell them?

Cocoa Daisy carries some planner binders, from Webster’s Pages, but there have been supplier issues which cause them to frequently be out of stock. We also carry Carpe Diem binders from Simple Stories. You can find binders at Filofax for personal or A5 sizes, or Kikki K makes an A5 planner.  Dokibook sells both sizes of binder, shipped from China. They also sell hole punches, or we can punch the holes for you (request 6, 7 or 0 holes for A5, 6 or 0 for personal).

Do planner pages ship the month before the month printed on them?

Planner kits and pages bill and are shipped a month in advance. For instance, the charge for January pages processes on December 1 and the pages would begin shipping on December 5. February pages would bill & ship at the beginning of January.

For clarity we call the Planner kits and pages by the month printed on them: “February pages, shipping in January.”

What comes with the planner kit subscription?

Planner kit contents vary by month. Both A5 and Personal Planner kits will always contain

  • 32 double sided daily to do pages
  • 1 double sided month tab page
  • 5 double sided week in review pages
  • 5 double sided weekly overview pages
  • 1 5×7 Exclusive planner sticker sheet

The other contents will vary. Please see past planner kits as an example of the items in a planner kit, keeping in mind they will be different each month.

Why don't I get early ordering with a Planner Add On or Planner Pages-Only subscription?

Our subscribers to most kits are sent access to order early from the store and have those items shipped free with their kits. Planner pages are shipped in a small envelope so additional items cannot be shipped with them at no additional cost. Because of the logistics of the store, we are not able to offer early ordering to page subscribers and also charge them the relevant shipping.

How can I change the size, hole configuration or kit versus pages for my planner subscription?

If you’d like to change the page size or hole configuration of your current planner subscription, please complete this form. This can be done one time during a six-month subscription period and requests after the 20th of the month may not go into effect with the next shipment. (In other words, a request on February 28 may not go into effect until kits shipping in April.)

If you want to switch from planner kit to pages only, please complete the form and we’ll make that change for you.

If you want to switch from pages only to planner kit:

  • If you subscribe by PayPal, you’ll need to complete the form, then create a new kit subscription and cancel the pages subscription (instructions under “How do I see my PayPal subscriptions” on the FAQ page).
  • If you subscribe by credit card, just complete the form and we can handle that for you.

My question wasn’t answered here

Please contact us at

We cannot provide customer service through Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media. Please use our email address at