Throwback Thursday::Re-kit your kits!

Hello and Happy Throwback Thursday to you today! It’s me, Jody, and I am excited to show you a fun way to rethink or re-use your previous Cocoa Daisy kits. Now, this may cause some of you to squirm- I know that some of you don’t like to break your kits up or cross-‘contaminate’ them. =) But I invite you to think this through and even customize this for some projects and craft ideas in your near future. Without any further introduction, let me show you what I am talking about when I say: Re-kit your kits!

I recently moved and so this idea was sort of born out of my cleaning and sorting and re-organization that happened in the packing and unpacking process of moving. You should also know that I am a ‘saver’ and love to use even the tiniest of scraps in and on projects, so this is a perfect fit for any of you that do that too. The basic idea is to take two or more of your Cocoa Daisy kits and spread out or look through the contents with a certain intent. Now, the more I have played with this idea, the more ideas I have thought up and I think they are endless, really!

I typically keep all my kits in their original box, or occasionally I combine two consecutive months together. But they basically stay in their ‘original form’, minus the stamps {I keep all my stamps in one spot} and the products used to make my pages/projects. For this idea, I opened several boxes of kits and kept a certain color scheme in mind. I love the colors mint, red and cream/grey and I knew I wanted to mix them up to make a mini book of some sort. So I just started pulling out anything that jumped out at me based on those colors. I pulled various papers- even if they were already cut up or in to, some trims, miscellaneous tags, embellishments and of course, some alphabets to round it all out. This is what my “new kit” looked liked after just a few minutes of pulling a mix of items based on the color scheme that I was after.


I was surprised and pleased with how easily this ‘kit’ came together and I found myself getting inspired for the mini book I planned to make with the mix of items. One of the tips I have for you as you consider making your own ‘kit’ is to re-look at the items in the kits you have packed away with “new eyes”. I found that some of the ‘b sides’ {and some of the main sides} of the papers jumped out at me or caught my eye in a different light than they had when they were packed as say “Candy Shoppe” or “Record Label”. Having a color combo or a specific theme in mind as you sort through your kits helps you to envision the contents in a new way.

It was fun for me to see a “whole new kit” born right before my eyes, when I hadn’t shopped or spent a dime on anything! So here is what I came up with based on my ‘new kit’. It is a work in progress and actually, I am debating between printing off some of my favorite photos in 2×2 right now, or even using this as a mini December Daily album. It isn’t Christmasy at all, but I am excited to think of adding those details and theme and of course, some cool stamping into this little book! It is ready for me to take it to the next level. See for yourself and hopefully you will be inspired to rethink and re-configure your own Cocoa Daisy kits in new ways! It is fun and a great way to see just what you love so much about Cocoa Daisy kits- they are versatile and full of great stuff!






I hope that this makes you want to dig out some of your kits from the past few months…or maybe even years! If you think of fall or maybe some Christmas crafting or even colors or patterns that make you think of certain people in your life can help get you started on making a new kit out of your old ones. Choose your own favorite color combo and use that as your starting point for your next layout. It is a great way to use your old stuff in a new way. As always, happy scrapping, Daisies and please share any creations you make in our Cocoa Daisy gallery. We love to be inspired by you too!

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  1. Margie Visnick

    What a great idea! Love your “Re-kit”

  2. Charlene

    Awesome idea. I’m inspired.

  3. Marti Richards

    Great post! Love the “cross-’contaminate’ ” bit- LOL!
    Your mini is super cute! I need to do this with a couple of my kits.

  4. Ashley

    So awesome! I love using up my CD kit leftovers!

  5. Jeanette Nyström (Jeany)

    Love this! I always keep my kits apart. But it´s so fun to make new kits by mix them up!. I will definitley do this with my elder kits!


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