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Hello and welcome to Mays ‘Teaming Up With’ blog post. This month Stephanie, Sharmaine and myself got together and used some of the packaging on our LO’s from this months Kit Record Label.

Have you also ever felt that the packaging is just too good to throw away? Sometimes there can be a fab design on the back and you know that you will be able to use it on something. So this month we thought we’d show you what we’ve used from our kits to make them stretch even further.

Let’s start with Sharmaine and her LO ‘When the Love is Right’.

Sharmaine says:

I love to find ways to reuse packaging.
On this page I’ve used the Basic Grey packaging (way too cool to throw away) as the backing for my photo AND as the journal tag.

I have to agree with Sharmaine here, that Basic Grey packaging is definately too cool to throw away. Sharmaine also made this LO with the Record Label kit.

Sharmaine used the ‘Day in the Life’ sticker from the kit packaging. She cut it up in to two halves. Can you spot them?

That’s an awsome LO Sharmaine!

Stephanie also felt that the designs were just too good to throw away on her packaging this month and cut some into strips to add to this LO.


You would never guess that some of these strips would usually have ended up in the trash, would you?!

And finally my LO’s. It was the Basic Grey packaging that got me too. This Hipster collection is so much fun. Can you guess which piece belongs in the trash?

It’s the piece of card with all the orange words. It was the packaging from the Fuzzy Rubons from the JohnnyB addon. I really couldn’t have thrown it away, it’s way too cool for that. So I rounded off the corners and inked the edges. The little strip of cameras on the right is also from the Glitz packaging.

Looking at it now, you could also cut some of those pieces out.

I wasn’t quite finished with this packaging. I used the Fuzzy rubons on this LO here.

Once I’d rubbed them on to my LO I was left with a fuzzy sheet (the negative) so I cut out some of the shapes rather than throwing this away and added these to my LO too. Like the centre arrow on the right and the strip of chevrons below. The botton strip of chevrons is the acual rubbon and the strip above is the negative that I’ve cut out.

Next time you open up your Cocoa Daisy kit, maybe look at it with new eyes. Don’t just think about how you are going to use the actual kit, maybe have a think about how you can stretch it even further. The brown paper bags can be used, the little glassine envelopes, the packaging stickers like how Sharmaine did and the product packaging too. Some packaging can make great masks for misting over or using as stencils. The ideas are endless.

If you still haven’t grabbed a Record Label Kit, we still have a few for sale here. Many are saying on the boards that this is their favourite kit EVER. Don’t miss out : )

Have fun.


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  1. sherry c

    I haven’t touched my kit yet. Thanks for all the great ideas – wonderful layouts!


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