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scrapspaceHello Daisies and welcome to a little tour of my scrap corner of the world. My family moved to a new home and I started setting up my scrap space at the beginning of September. I have 6 kids and a busy husband, so this spot is a work in progress as time allows. But I am enjoying having a loft at the top of our stairs that is open and can get lots of light, when it’s not snowing here in west Michigan. I love that my husband is happy to support my love of paper crafts and scrap products and doesn’t mind that it takes up a room all its own. I love that my kids use this space too-for little projects or just to hang out and play on their iPad while I craft away. It was important for me to make this spot usable. So while it’s not set up spotless and as organized as I would like it to ultimately be, it is definitely user-friendly and more than meets my needs for a spot to unleash my creative juices. I hope you enjoy seeing into my scrap loft~ even the messy spots!



{rug and cart are both from IKEA}


I use this desk {which used to be our dining table back when we only had two kids!} for lots of sketching and stamping, but most of my layout and card-making happens on the floor. I usually put a large poster board on the floor and spread my kit out around me and create there. I have always scrapped best when I take up lots of space- more than a desktop allows. I like being able to see all my product at once.


These shelves came built-in already and helped make it easy for me to make a case that this loft would be perfect for the scrap spot I was hoping to get when we were moving into this home. My husband has the golf course/his office right next door, so I lucked out that it was  win-win for us both!


{That’s my daughter, Ava, checking out and asking to use some of my ribbon on a project of her own. I love when my kids want to be in “my space”.} I have a few cake plates and lots of jars for storing embellishments- like tape and ribbon. It seemed fitting to use ‘kitchen storage items’ in my scrap space since my love of baking and kitchen items is another big part of my life. I also have colored bowls and small dishes in cubbies too. {Side-note to Emily Pitts…I think a mint green Kitchen-aid mixer would look cute on display on these shelves too, but I can’t quite justify that expense in here yet, simply to up the cute-factor and add inspiration to me while I create. Maybe one day I will win one though! =) }



As you can see, I keep most of my Cocoa Daisy kits in their ‘pizza boxes’ and I just write the kit name on the edge so I know what’s in each one. They stack so well. {That shelf was one I bought from the kids’ room storage at Target about 5 years ago. I think it was about $50.00 on sale. It works well for my needs.} I still need curtains and personalizing in my room- like wall décor and I am looking for a comfy, cute designer or vintage chair to add to this place. I want one that makes it fun to sit on and browse Pinterest for an hour or more at a time. =)


Finally, this little table is another spot that I actually use more than my kids do. My two youngest boys do like to sit across from me and they color or stack and knock down rolls of washi tape, or play with wood veneers and in general just play nicely with little bits and pieces of whatever products I have sitting out for them to get their hands on. I have a special attachment to this table, since we bought it for my daughter, Teagan when she was 2. At that time it was set up in our kitchen and she ate nearly every meal at it, plus she and I spent hours coloring, playing Playdough, making cookies or just playing games on it. When her little brother, Brock grew out of his highchair they both had a seat and loved playing here too. This little table is the last spot where Teagan sat and I tied a ribbon in her hair before we went to church the morning of our family tragedy too. I never dreamed a small, cheap table could hold so many special memories. All of my kids have grown up using this same table. Ican sit at it and recall times we have gotten the Easy Bake oven out and made tiny pans of brownies together. It makes me happy that even though so many years have passed since Teagan used this table, it is still a big part of the memories and daily creating that goes on in our home. I sometimes think about my kids having kids, and one day I might be lucky to craft with my grandkids at this table too!

I hope you have enjoyed the pictures and details I have shared with you in my scrap space tour today. It is always interesting to see the place where inspiration is born, I think. I may not have the grandest room in the world for scrapping, but it is definitely a place where ‘magic’ happens and I hope you have a little corner in your world that serves that purpose too!

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  1. sherry c

    Love the open, airy feeling and the amount of light in the space! The pedestal with washi tape and ink is truly scrappy eye candy!

  2. Lisa

    I absolutely love that you are a floor scrapper like me! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Patricia

    Nice and airy , love the way the children can also occupy your space .When my children were little they always love to work on crafts when I did and now when my grandchildren come they love to craft as well . Makes for a nice happy time.

  4. SuzMannecke

    I love your space Jody and really love the story behind Teagan’s Table. Really wonderful that you have so many memories of time spent at that table with her and the rest of your family. Please tell me you have created a layout about it? If not, I guess this blog post kinda covers its really well. 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing your creative space and your memories. xx


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