Scrap Happens!

Hello and welcome to my Friday post.

Today is all about using up those scraps. The leftovers. We all have plenty of these, don’t we?  : )

I’m am going to share with you my step by step process of how I’ve turned my July Kit, Cabana paper scrap from this.

To this.

As you can see from the first photo, I’ve added some plain tags and some card blanks.

I’m using my scraps to make up these fun tags. I love doing this. It’s something that you don’t need to give much thought to, it’s quick and enjoyable. I like to make up a few tags in one go and then keep them in a little box. When I need to make a quick card or gift bag, I can add the alpha stickers for what they are required for and ‘Hey Presto!’ within a couple of minutes I’m ready to go.

This is how I make them.

1. Start by sticking some patterned paper on to the tags. As you can see, it doesn’t have to be perfectly measured, we are using scraps after all. You can then trim the excess bits off.

2. Using a mask, pallette knife and some moulding paste, I’ve added some texture to the tags.


3. I haven’t bothered drying yet, but have grabbed another mask and some Maya Mist and sprayed over all the tags in one go. Now I’ve used the head gun to dry them.


4. Now using an old credit card I’ve spread a little gesso across each tag. I had some glitter leftover from the July main kit so sprinkled some over the wet gesso. Then dried.



5. With my nice dry tags I now grab my lovely black Cocoa Daisy ink and the star stamp that came in a few kits ago. This is randomly stamped over the tags.


6. Using the ‘Old Road’ Prima Chalk Ink I’ve inked the egdes of the tags. These little inks are perfect for this. You can start to see the tags really taking shape now.

7. Time for some more scrap patterned paper. I’ve cut down some strips and stuck them at the bottom of the tags.  I then used a yellow Maya Mist and sprayed in the centre of each tag.


8. I tore up an old book page and stuck on each tag with some mod podge. This was then dried off and some more gesso spread over the top. There is a reason for this which you will see soon.


9. Before the gesso dries, I’ve sprinkled over some embossing powder and then using my ‘Black Coal’ Prima Chalk Ink, I’ve inked the edges of the tags again.

10. The layers are looking great now : )  Using some leftover mini alphas from a couple of kits, I’ve added some words to the bottom of each tag. If you aren’t making these for any particular reason right now, you can just leave these and add them when you want to use the tags.

11. Remember, I said there was a reason for the extra gesso?  As alot of you know, I have a thing for my Sunburst Stencil and I really wanted this to stand out. So by adding the gesso and giving myself a white base, this helps the colour of the mist through the stencil to really stand out as you can see here. If I had just misted over the already colourful tag, it would have just blended in and I wouldn’t have the same contrast. I love this look.

12. The tags can now be dried off. Careful not to let that last bit of misting run.

And now you have your finished tags : ) Don’t they look cool?!

I’ve stuck my onto cards straight away to use them.

Thanks so much for joining me here today. I hope this has inspired you. I’ve added little links to various bits and pieces which I hope you find helpful.

If you feel really excited by this kind of messy art, take a look at our Project Art Kits here. I think they’ll be right up your street.

Don’t forget the free postage offer. It’s still on today. You can see full details on facebook here.

Have a lovely weekend x

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  1. Pam DeNobile

    Love these….great idea. Thanks!

  2. sherry c

    Absolutely gorgeous, Lisa! I may give this a try next week, tfs!

  3. Julie

    Thanks for the tutorial! You make it less intimidating than it looks.

  4. Marti Richards

    These look awesome and like they were lots of fun to create! Gives me inspiration to try these techniques on a tag and then add them to a card- not as daunting like doing a big page. 🙂


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