See What Our Blog Hop Inspired?

I just got a note from my friend Paula Gilarde. She had followed our blog hop this past weekend and at every stop along the way, she took the time to make a card inspired by each of us designers and our guests. Here’s one shot, can you tell which card was inspired by which designer?

Head over to Paula’s blog to see the rest of her creations.

Thanks for sharing with us Paula, we love what you did because of our blog hop!


And the winner is....
Dissecting Design


  1. Olivia

    I have a few on my table that I created during the blog hop. I was going to try to get them posted in the next day or so. I was so inspired by many of sketches that I saw as I hopped along!

  2. PaulaSG

    Thanks so much Emily! The blog hop was hugely inspiring!!

  3. kimmy jaster

    Very pretty! The sketches were so inspiring! I’ve made 3 cards so far. 🙂


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