June Guest Designer

Please welcome our June Guest Designer, Kendra McCracken…we were so happy when she shared with us that she could be available to design for us this month.  When we asked her to share with us a bio, this is what she shared.


Growing up, I thought being artistic meant you must draw the banana and apple in the bowl on the art teacher’s desk so that people would crowd around your drawing hanging in the hall on parent visitation day and marvel at the realism of the texture, the dimension, the shadows. Unfortunately, the harsh reality is if people would have gathered around my drawing, it would have been to marvel at the unidentifiable objects amongst all the drawings of bananas and apples! So I shied away from anything related to art.
Now that I’m older and not afraid to color the grass with contrasting patterns of lime green and olive green fabrics, I wish I could tell that little girl that being artistic isn’t everyone doing the same thing the same way. I’d tell her to do her best to draw those fruits and then laugh along with everyone else. Laughter is good for the soul, your humility, your expectations of yourself. Then I’d tell her to present her teacher with a handmade, vintage-lace-trimmed fabric bag filled with homemade apple and banana muffins and say, “This is how I see your bowl of bananas and apples.”
I began to overcome my fear of all things related to art in 1998 when I went to my first scrapbooking party. Since that time, I’ve learned that using materials in unique ways, to express meaning or emotion on my projects in a way not intended, or just to add a little whimsy, is my way of being artistic. Have I also learned to draw apples and bananas? Nope. But that’s OK. I’m perfectly content to marvel at that most admirable talent in the art of someone who can.
When I’m not pulling a needle and thread through fabric, looking through the lens of my camera, or layering “mismatched” patterns of paper, you’ll find me with my husband 18 years and our 2 sons on our little farm in Missouri. You might see me trying to learn to grow a fungus-free tomato plant, chasing down a fugitive chicken, or screaming and running from a mouse in the chicken coop. But you’ll always see me in love with every little detail of my life. http://kendramccracken.blogspot.com/
Here is one of her layouts from the gallery…be sure to check out the rest of her gallery for loads more inspiration!
Thank you Kendra for inspiring us this month with your creative talents!
June Sketch Challenge
Gallery Lift

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