New stamp storage.

I am so excited about the new stamp storage system we have available at Cocoa Daisy. I’ve tried storing my stamps a lot of different ways, but nothing has really worked. So I’ve been looking at different options and ideas, scouring the internet to try and find an easy compact way to store all my Cocoa Daisy Stamps and I think I’ve finally found it! The Crafter’s Companion mini binder and storage panels! This is an easy system to implement, it’s inexpensive and very portable. I always play with a product to make sure I like it before I allow it in the Daisy Boutique, and I loved this one so much I had to take pictures and share how it turned out.

The binders and panels are sold separately and what I found is that one 4 page set of panels is about all that will fit in one binder. I divided my stamps between 4 binders into themes; organic, words/office, backgrounds and shapes/frames. What I love with this system is it’s so easy add to without having to start all over or have to constantly reorganize.


Keeping with the idea that I may need to move things around as I work with this system I wanted my labels to be easy to change and the binder decoration simple. I cut strips of patterned paper to fit in the spine of the binder (I did not cover the front or back of the binder with patterned paper because I like to see the stamps, but you could easily add it if you wanted), stamped the tags with my themes and then attached them with mini paperclips.

Here they are all lined up on my shelf 🙂


Here is a close up shot of the panels with the stamps on them.

If you’ve been searching for a way to store all your awesome Cocoa Daisy stamps then I highly recommend this system!


Black Friday all week long!
You will be missed.


  1. Olivia

    Very cool. I like my storage thus far, but I can see moving to this more stable solution in the future. Thanks for always finding the best stuff to put in the boutique!!

  2. alissa

    i am definitely moving my CD stamps into these!
    can’t wait to get some in my next box from christine 🙂


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