September’s Guest Designer, Michelle Hernandez

We’re happy to introduce our lovely guest designer for our September kit, He Said She Said, Michelle Hernandez.

Michelle’s got a fun artsy style, bursting with happy energy. We love how she adds lots of layers and captures her family life it such artistically moving photos. We’re so thankful she said yes!

Here’s a bit more about Michelle:

Hello from Brooklyn, New York! I’m Michelle- Mom, distracted wife and massive paper lover. My paper crush started at age 12 with my first origami book and moved on to photography, collages, comic books and art journals. 4 years ago I learned I was pregnant with my first child and that she would most likely be severely disabled. Instead of giving in to fear, I took to the internet to learn more and to prepare myself for the biggest challenge of my life.
In my meanderings I also discovered online scrapbook blogs. I was searching for stencils to draw birds for the baby’s room- ’cause girlfriend over here CANNOT draw to save her life.
Then Miss Lola was born and although she spent 6 weeks in the intensive care unit the doctors could not find anything wrong with her. No genetic defects, No physical defects. Whatever caused her fetal distress has thankfully resolved itself entirely.
So I started a blog (My Analog Life) to tell my wacky stories, ideas, photography and paper crafts projects. I also vowed I would start taking my own creative pursuits seriously so I could be a proper “role model”.
It’s been an amazing journey so far. I’m meeting incredibly kind and talented people every day. Learning new things about myself and developing skills I never would have before. I don’t have a scrapbook “style” yet- I think I could be a modern/graphic scrapper but I also love flowers and scribbles and paint so anything goes. I do know this- each page is a learning experience and a chance to learn something new. If I truly hate something I made I “redo” it and keep the old version so I can laugh myself silly later on.
Being asked to be a guest for Cocoa Daisy is a HUGE deal for me and I’m very grateful for the chance to share my story and have some crafty fun with you. Thank you!!!!
Here’s my favorite layout of her’s this month, I just love the feeling in that photo!
I asked Michelle to answer 10 questions and here are her answers:
1. What is your most creative time?
10pm to 2am which is CRAYYYZEE but I work at a store so my schedule is constantly changing.

2. What is your 5 playlist?
I’m gonna sound like an ultra nerd here but I listen to NPR 24 hours a day. I’m obsessed with “This American Life” and “Radiolab”. When I get bored I switch to U2 and 70’s era salsa- the good stuff with mixed horn sections, poetic lyrics and actual melodies.

3. What’s next on your scrappy life list?
Right now it’s a tie between upgrading my entire computer system which is giving me the willies and taking a graphic design course so I have a better grasp on the basics (and ignore them better.)

4. What is your favorite retreat?
On my bike- always. Moving forward on my bike just makes everything clear- like running is for other people.

5. If your life was a movie, what actress would play you?
Michelle Rodriguez- she’s the total bad *** I wish I was. Man, that would be a boring movie! Michelle would demand to have a few car chases added to the script.

6. Who are the important people in your life?
My husband, Miss Lola (the kiddo), my Mom and my sister.

7. What are you known for on your pages?
I think I’m known for using lots of vellum, tiny details, stars, kraft paper backgrounds and neon. I tend to flow from bright and modern to messy and spur of the moment styles. I’m a huge sucker for trends- for me scrapping is more about playing and exploring than recording specific life events. I really admire designers who do both with ease.

8. What’s your favorite inspiration site?
Instagram hands down! I’m on that jammie at least 5 times a day! I LOVE looking at what’s up visually in other people’s lives. I also love Design Milk for the latest on art/design trends and naturally Pinterest but I rarely have time to visit it.

9. What food would describe your style?
Ummm… chopped chicken salad with more veggies than chicken and just enough dressing? I hate when they add too much dressing! I like to actually taste my greens.

10. What is “dressed up” for you?
Right now work requires I dress professionally so I wear lots of dresses so I don’t over-think accessorizing. On days off I wear t-shirts, jeans, Birkenstock and one of my newsboy caps (getting my hair to curl nicely is a pain, I mean, a process).

Be sure to check out Michelle’s blog for loads of inspiration and her delightful banter (she’s a girl after my own heart I’ve discovered. She’s chatty in a most interesting way!), her Guest Designer gallery and her personal Cocoa Daisy gallery.
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  1. Denise M

    wonderful, amazing work!

  2. Kelly Klapstein

    Yay Michelle!!!!! Love Michelle’s funky style and bright happy page!


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