“Making a Difference” Food Drive

We’ve all heard the gloomy economic news this fall, the dizzying drop in the markets, the increasing numbers of unemployed, falling home values and hard hit retailers. We have all been affected in some way by this crisis, but those hardest hit are those least able to afford it. The demand for food assistant during these rough times has increased at a staggering rate and food banks are being stretched to the breaking point by the volume of need they are encountering.

Scrapbookers are women known for their generosity and for rallying behind a cause. I want to help the international scrapbook community join together during the holiday season to do what we can to help alleviate hunger both here in the US and around the world. In light of this goal, Cocoa Daisy is sponsoring an internet food drive. We are asking scrapbookers to do their part to help their local food banks by bringing in whatever they can spare. And we in turn, to help drive this charitable giving, will hold a FABULOUS drawing full of amazing prizes!!!

If you’d like to get involved, here’s what you need to do.

  • Gather up your donation and go to wherever you are donating it – a drop box at a school, a food bank, your church, etc.
  • Then, take a photo of you and your donation.
  • Upload it to the Cocoa Daisy Gallery and include a caption with your photo and the number of items you donated.
  • For every 5 items you donate, your name will be entered into the drawing.
  • If you would rather not or are unable to physically bring food to a shelter you can make donations through our store, in $5 increments, and those donations will be distributed to food banks around the country.  For every $5 donated, your name will be entered into the drawing once.
  • On December 20th we will close the food drive and draw winners for all the super prizes from our very generous sponsors.

The Making a Difference Food Drive will run from Nov 20th-Dec 20th and my hope is that we’ll be able to donate several thousands of pounds of food for needy individuals this holiday season.

Here is a list of items most wanted by food banks:
canned meats (i.e., tuna, chicken, salmon)
canned and boxed meals (i.e., soup, chili, stew, macaroni and cheese)
peanut butter
canned or dried beans and peas (i.e., black, pinto, lentils)
pasta, rice, cereal
canned fruits
100 percent fruit juice (canned, plastic or boxed).

We hope you will join us in the fun and help make a difference in our world today!

If you have any questions or comments about our food drive or the drawing, please feel free to email us at mailbox@cocoadaisy.com

And just to get you in the spirit, here is a list of the incredible prizes that you could win by just making a donation!

Karen Russell — a spot in one of her sold out online photography classes ($275 value)

Tinkering Ink — four $50 shopping sprees on their site

American Crafts — a prize package worth over $200

Scarlet Lime — 5 December kits and a 3 month subscription

Collage Press — Camden Collage Crafting Kit, coordinating Crafting Pad and a set of Time Keeper Clear Stamps

7 Gypsies — $100 Retail value gift

Paper + Cup Design — Crafting Kit

Luxe Designs — 6 prize packages worth $35 each

Creative Imaginations — 5 prize packages worth $40 each

Clear Scraps — 6 prize packages worth $50 each

Glitz — 4 Prize packages valued at $50 each

Me and My Big Ideas — 2 seasonal prize packages valued at $50 each

Lisa Pace — A spot for a winner and her friend in her “12 Days of Christmas” workshop

Teresa Collins Designs — The full collection of papers and die cuts from the “Tis the Season” collection as well as a Crush album

Fancy Pants Designs — 3 prize packages

Petersen-Arne — a $100 prize package

CD Muckosky — 3 sets of ALL of her digital design kits

Maya Road — 3 prize packages

Pink Paislee

Simple Scrapbooks — 3 $25 prize packages

Sassafras Lass


Chatterbox — $100 Prize Package

Studio Calico — 5 Main Kits, retail value $34.50 each

Christine Drumheller — A Creative Café prize package

Layouts created by the Daisy Divas

Cocoa Daisy — An Ali Edwards’ December Daily kit, a Stacy Julian kit and 12345 album, and 5 December kits

Thank you so much to all our amazing sponsors and thank you to all of you that are going to go out and show what a difference scrapbookers can make in this world!

Food Drive Sponsors
Pink Paislee Maya Road Luxe Designs Glitz Collage Press Me and My Big Ideas The Scarlet Lime 7 Gypsies Clear Scraps Paper+Cup Design Simple Scrapbooks The 12 Days of Christmas Month-Long Holiday Workshop by Lisa M. Pace Teresa Collins Karen Russell Sassafras Lass Tinkering Ink Fancy Pants Creative Imaginations American Crafts: The Color of Memories Hambly Screen Prints
Food Drive Gallery
Kim's November Layouts


  1. Timna

    What a fanatstic idea! I will start pulling things from my cupboards (and doing a little extra holiday shopping) to help those that aren’t able to celebrate a day of eating till your tummy’s full. What a worthy cause. On your marks, get set, go!!!

  2. Kim Watson

    Wow! what an awesome idea. It is an amazingly thoughtful cause…& hope everyone gets involved & contributes something.
    Well done!

  3. Kimberly

    I might also add that food banks prefer smaller sized portions. They also can use personal care type items, single roll packaged paper towels, and items for babies (food, diapers, wipes etc). Our oldest daughter (who’s twenty now) for her 16th birthday we had a very nice party for her and we asked the guests to bring items for our local food bank, it was a major major sucess! The girls brought over 80lbs. of food (that’s how ours “measures”); since her birthday is in the middle of July they were very excited! July is typically a very slow month for donations. Since then we have made family donations to the food bank a regular thing.

    Thanks, for the reminder Cocoa Daisy, this is just the type of service project my family needs to participate in this season!!

  4. Lindsay Bateman

    What a fabulous idea!! Great thinking!

  5. janis

    Tricia, this is so incredibly kind of you to put together. Hats off to you to use the power of the internet to make a difference in so many peoples’ lives- not only the recipients of the food, but reminding people that taking care of each other is the thing to do! Many blessings to this Thanksgiving! 😀

  6. Donna C

    What an amazing idea – in internet food drive that helps local communities! I love it. I will definitely be participating.

  7. Jodee

    What a wonderful idea! And with a prize pack like that, a person can’t refuse! LOL!

  8. Sandi Malloy

    😀 This is awesome! Thanks for pulling it all together. Great prizes like this are certainly incentive to give more than normal too!

  9. Leanne

    Thank you for helping us remember what this season is all about!

    Are Canadians welcomed to join in the fun? We’ll donate regardless, but hey… it would be great if we are also eligible for those incredible prizes!!

  10. kissy

    What a wonderful way of reminding us what this holiday season is really about! Thanks for putting this all together Tricia!

  11. Linda Gothard

    This is a great idea; glad you thought of it.

  12. Deirdre

    Love this idea, and I hope this doesn’t sound too lame but my sons and I just did this yesterday…and didn’t take any photos (which is ironic, since I take photos of everything).
    I gave them each $5 after we read a list of things our food bank wants and we went shopping & dropped it off. We can’t really afford to do it again this month.

    I did keep the receipt (for tax purposes)…would it be totally lame to post that?

    Love the bday party tie-in idea above. And love all the kits at Cocoa Daisy!

  13. Amy

    This is such a wonderful thing to do!! The layoffs just started in my own office this week, it’s a very scary economy! Thanks for doing this!

  14. kelly d.

    what a wonderful idea! my daughters first birthday is coming up in December, and this is what i’ll be putting on the invites. DOnations for the food bank only. what a fab idea. thank you for sharing Kimberly! 🙂 :mrgreen:

  15. raymenie

    Sounds like a great idea! Can we take part if we’re not in the US?

  16. Jennifer Alvarez

    What a fantastic idea, Tricia! I cannot wait to get involved and help those less fortunate than I. You’re right, we all feel so down with the economy and such right now, but there are always people that need more than we do. Thank you for reminding me…

  17. Jeanne Ann

    Giving to those less fortunate regardless of my own current circumstances has always been top on my list each holiday. I plan to give to my local food bank through the school system. It is a way that my children learn to give also.

  18. Debbie ♥ ♥

    Wow what a wonderful thing you are doing!! We have participated in our local ‘Canned Food Drive’ for over 25 years now. I will definitely be a part of this online drive as well!! I would like to post on my blog about your generous internet food drive….I hope that’s ok!

  19. Trish Harwick

    What a wonderful idea! I will definately spread the word and get my goods together next week!

  20. Rosa

    What a wonderful idea 😛 , we most stand together and I am so glad you are taking the indicative and have such an amazing group of sponsors cooperating and motivating us 😉 , thanks again, happy holidays, hugs, Rosa.

  21. Stacy Caddy

    AWESOME!!! I will put some extra’s in my basket while shopping and find a place to take them here….

  22. Stacy Caddy

    I posted about it on my blog also!!!! :mrgreen:

  23. Yolanda

    What a geat cause, especially needed this year! I was planning to make a donation through our Girl Scout Troop (we’re caroling to collect food for our food bank) but now I’ll have to make sure someone gets photographic evidence!
    Thanks so much for hosting…hopefully we can help a lot of people that need it this year. 😀

  24. Julie

    Wonderful idea! Our family does this every year, as well as donating toys to our communities care n share program. I don’t usually take photos, but I will this year

  25. nancy smith

    What a great idea…I live in Oklahoma and we are just now starting to feel the economy crisis. I work for a Dr. thank goodness the patients who really need help know me well enough to confide in me and ask for help. What a great thing you are doing! What the World needs now more than ever is this kind of brotherly Love!

  26. MamaSheg

    I love that Cocoa Daisy is doing this!! Such a great idea. Me and my little one went out last week and donated a bunch of baby food and formula. I posted a couple pics in the gallery. Happy Holidays!! XOXO

  27. PhyllisR

    Aaaaaa! I am such a procrastinator!!! I left uploading my pictures for the food drive to the last minute. I didn’t realize you had to be registered to the site to upload to the gallery and that an administrator would have to approve my registration. I have donated 35 items of food. Will upload pics asap!

  28. Krista

    This is just so fantastic! I loved looking at the pictures and inspiring stories. Its actually quite amazing how many people got on board. Our family puts on a holiday party for charity every year, this year the recipient was an organization called Joesph’s coat which serves homeless and low income-it was so rewarding to raise about $9,000.00 for their great works. The association of women contractors a work group that I chair the events committee on raised about $3,000 for a local food shelf that donates 100% of all goods and services to the working poor. I love that those that have the ability are really there for those that need them, paying it forward. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful event to motivate others!

  29. Samantha

    nice ,i enjoyed reading this and i will be back



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