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Something that we did quite a bit when scrapbooking awhile back (okay, perhaps before I even started scrapbooking) was actually to cut out images from our photos and adhere them to our layouts…for fun, I sometimes still do that on my pages and it seems to make for some of my very favorite layouts! Sometimes something different is just what’s needed to spice up those albums of ours! Here are some layouts that I used this photo cutting technique on just so you can get a taste of what it could look like on your pages.

Here is one that I did awhile back for a Cocoa Daisy challenge for the Fall Crop that we had going on…I love how it turned out and that it’s a layout on what it is that Zoey’s name means.


This one I cut around an 8 x 10 print that I had of Zoey…the background was actually quite busy in the photo and to remedy it I just cut it out altogether!

she is a song

This one is a funny one of me when I was little sporting a mustache made from masking tape…this photo totally captures who I was at that age!

And here is a layout that I did a couple years back on myself and how it was that I saw myself at the time…kind of an affirmation page you could say.


So there you have it! A little something different for your layouts!

Have fun!


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  1. Marie/Mison

    I really love this idea! Must try it!!


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