A fun class and then things got very interesting…

Thursday night Emily taught a class at our friend Jill’s house.  17 women came to take the class and we had a great time.  It was so fun to see that many people playing with the kit and all their interpretations of Emily’s projects.   Emily taught the class by setting up 3 stations around Jill’s house, each with a different project and I think everyone really enjoyed doing something  a bit different.  I enjoyed meeting new people and also having a chance to put faces with customers’ names. 



And then we had a “surprise” visitor come (ok, not really that much of a surprise…), Ali! 


 It was also a treat to visit Jill’s house.  It’s really beautifully decorated and so cleverly done.  Almost everything in her house is from a garage sale, junk store or flea market.  I admire anyone with the determination (and time) to do that!

This is a photo of one of her numerous Halloween displays.  Who knew old cheese graters could be so cute!?!?


These are a couple of pictures of her scrapbook room; the ugly green monster was rearing his head!



I got home a little before 11:00; just in time to catch a bit of John Stewart — our favorite show.  I started falling asleep about halfway through (it was a rerun!) and went to bed.  I was out.  That is until exactly 3:48 when I woke to Scott screaming “YES! YES! YES!”   WHAT?!?!?!!!?!?  I later found out that was in response to the policeman screaming into the house, “IS ANYONE HOME???”  He goes running out into the hall and I was trying to orient myself to the situation.  Not an easy thing to do because, like most people I’m not accustomed to a policeman entering my house, screaming at 3am. 

Next thing I hear is him screaming repeatedly at Scott to get his hands up.  I am figuring at this point it’s a case of mistaken identity and he thinks we are escaped convicts or something.  I then go out into the hall and put my hands up as well.  He then asked who we were.  The homeowners.  He then wanted to know why our door was wide open in the middle of the night.  And then he wanted to know where the pet was because he knew there was a dog (and that would be because when I was pregnant with Jack Scott was out of town and I guess the pregnancy hormones took over my sanity. 

I called the police in the middle of the night to tell them there were people downstairs whisphering in my familyroom.  I made this same policeman come and open every closet and door and walk the premises.  No one there.).  He asked for id and once he realized that we really were the homeowners and not freaks that break into others’ homes, leave the door wide open and then crash in their bed, he told us how he happened to be there.  Apparently our newspaper carrier had noticed our door wide open and called the police. 

We were both feeling very grateful to her.  So now this exchange has been going on for about 5 minutes with lots of screaming in the beginning and only NOW does Hannah (our very large shaggy Briard who likes to bark at the slighest noise outside) finally realize that something is going on and she should let out a few obligatory barks.  Quite the watchdog…

So why was the front door open?  That would be because Scott let the dog out before going to bed and not only forgot to lock but failed to shut it completely.  Good thing I’m usually the last one up.  It was more than a bit scary in the moment, but now I’m getting a good laugh out of it!

Just wanted to share a fun website
They are here!!!


  1. Okay. You’ve pretty much convinced me to move to Oregon.
    The class looks so fun!
    The visit from Ali. . . totally jealous!
    And, the police sound very friendly. :lol:

  2. OMG! :shock:

    I would have been hysterically crying at that! LOL. Poor Tricia!

    I wish I could have gone to the class this week. Oh well, maybe one of these days!

  3. the class was SUCH a blast! thank you :) Any chance I could convince you to email the pics from the class to me? sarah.m.sabri@gmail.com Cheers!


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