Setting Goals for 2016


Can you believe it is almost 2016! It’s the time of year we start thinking about the future and setting New Year’s resolutions for ourselves. I know what some of you are thinking, not again, lol! Resolutions seem so final and intimidating sometimes. It’s something you feel you have to get done. That’s why this year I’m setting GOALS. not resolutions.


I truly believe in setting  yourself up for success, not failure! To me a goal is much more doable. I’ve decided to even break my goals down into little ones I can accomplish each month. Having simple goals we can achieve each month can give us that little boost we need as the year winds down. I set my goals according to things I knew were coming this year, like a new baby in May, oh my! I kept it simple the next month by making my goal to slow down because I know I will need it.


Each month I plan on breaking down my goal if need be to help me accomplish it. For January I want to organize the house, but that was too vague so I broke it down into three small areas to focus on. You may not be able to do this every month, but it is a helpful way of creating easy to-do subgoals.


This is a good way to motivate you to sit back and think through the coming year. Take your planner or just a piece of paper and think about what the year has in store and what you will need each month. I hope we can both achieve our goals in 2016!

Happy New year!

Tricia Romo

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Let's start 2016 off right!
Do you also have a fear of December Daily's???


  1. Shannon

    Many happy’s in 2016 Tricia! Will be achievable with the way you think about resolutions. Like the way you break down goals month by month and make them manageable!! Thanks for the tips and of course, the peek at your daisy ‘guide’.

  2. Laura C - Michigan

    First, it’s great to see that Tricia responds to the blog posts 🙂 Second, I posted about doing the monthly goals in my planner on the message boards a couple times this year. I love doing this and it doesn’t make it nearly as intimidating. I pick five goals for the month. As I have stated, I had one goal that got pushed forward 7 months before I accomplished it but by did it feel good to get that one done! (It was cleaning the window sills between the window and the screens). Looking forward to more of your blog posts Tricia!


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