Updated Planner Freebies

Have you wished you could use our spectacular FREE month-on-two-pages printables without having to stamp the months and numbers? I admit, when I finally caved and got a planner and started preparing for the arrival of my first set of CD inserts I groaned at the prospect of stamping the monthly printables. It went quickly, but still… So I asked Christine if we could get TWO sets each month, with and without numbers. That way if you like to stamp yours all fancy-like, you can, but if you’re lazy (like me) you can download the set that already has numbers. arleigh whipped these up for us starting with the April¬†set, so if you want your month-on-two-pages for April or May, with or without numbers, rush right over to the store and download them. I’m already using them and I’m in love!


Project Art - March
Creating with the May Planner Add-On Kit!


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