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Hello! Jody here to share with you what is inspiring to me right now. Hopefully you will find it a bit inspiring to you as well! My family moved into a new house a few weeks ago and we are still getting settled in, unpacking and making our place feel like home. It is a big task, but one of the best parts about it is that it is the perfect time to start fresh and try new things- you get to set the tone for your space around you.

I am still in the process of setting up my scrap loft area in our house and have found lots of wonderful ideas to get me going on that. I don’t have all white walls, nor do I have texture- like exposed brick or wood floors- to create dramatic backdrops. But I have found that I am falling in love with the idea of a large inspiration wall, or even just a inspiration board to bring an artsy edge and blank canvas for hanging ideas and current inspiration on it. So with that, I bring you several different spaces, boards and walls that have caught my eye. Not every photo has an original source {I used Pinterest for my starting point, and in several instances the link there doesn’t lead to a source at all. My apologies to you and to the wonderful people behind these inspirations too!} Here are some cool-to-me looks::


Source: Studio5small



Source: SmittenStudio



Source: Dear Hancock



Source: MaeMae Paperie


               board1              Karson Butler Open House, December 12, 2012               1adrienne

So there you have some of my favorite studio and inspiration walls right now. You know I love a good set of antlers for a touch of nature, whimsy and conversation piece too. I am on the lookout for just the right set to display and inspire me in my own home. One of the challenges that I struggle with is that I like both the clean/minimalist look as well as the more-is-more look. I love that inspiration boards can change frequently and stay fresh and current, and even trendy and seasonal too, so I can actually have both options over time! Do you have an inspiration wall or board at your home or workplace? Do you love a clean design or cluttered look? Do you photos of your own board, or pictures of some you love? If so, link up here in the comments and we can all see what is inspiring one another. I just might implement an element or two into my new space. Here’s to being inspired in so many different ways! Happy Tuesday, Daisies!

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  1. Denise Sullivan

    Thanks for the inspiration. I love all the ideas you shared. Thanks a bunch

  2. Lisa Saunders

    I love this idea Jody.


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