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Hello everyone! I have quite lot to share with you today! I really loved the August Project Art kit, with the fun brayer, the fabulous Distress Paints and all the fun die cuts and vintage pieces!

First of all I am going to share a little video. I was going to talk to you, but then I freaked out and decided to add text and music instead. 🙂 The film shows some very basic ways to use the brayer and the Distress Paints – I hope you’ll enjoy it.

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Next, I’m going to show you one of the completed pages that I made. I started out with the paints and the brayer (using the technique I showed you in the video) and ended up with a quite dark page.


I also let some paint drip along the page.


For the actual content of my page, I layered a whole bunch of items from the Project Art kit and the main kit. I wrote my journaling on the tag after first painting it with gesso. Parts of the journaling was then covered up, by the other items. I used my stapler to put everything togehter. When doing this, my intention was to add this to the left page, like in the image below. But when I saw the whole thing like this, I suddenly realized that I liked it better on the darker right page.


…so this is what i did instead.


The subject of this page is Paris and my special relation to France and the French language. To finish my page I added some sequins. I cut a tiny opening in the suitcase die cut and put a sequin half way through so it would look like they were really coming out of there.

project art paris klar

As you can se above I used the washi tape from the main kit inbetween the pages and for my next page I decided to start out with taping all around the page.


I then cut a piece of the map paper and glued it down using the Matte Medium from the July Project Art kit. When it was dry, I added some gesso and used the brayer to spread it out (just like in the video).


I then started sketching a face, using a pencil.


When painting, I started out with Antique Linen all over. I didn’t use the dabber, but opened the bottle and used a brush.


I then used the three distress paints from the kit + some white gesso to try to  add shadows and lighter areas.


I used the Inktense Pencils from the Project Art June kit to add colour to the eyes and lips.


I then ended up being very frustrated. I am tired of the “neat” look of the faces I’m painting and I wish I could just let go and allow myself to be more free. So, because these were my feelings, this ended up being the subject of my page. I wrote my journaling at the top and poured some sequins out on top of the face. I also added some blue, using an Inktense pencil again, to the background.

face klar


I didn’t know what to do with the page where I initially thought the “paris-theme” was going. I decided to add some gesso and to scratch some crazy lines in it.

jag kan1

I then added some mist.

jag kan2

And some more Antique Linen Distress Paint (using the brayer).

jag kan3

On top of this I wrote “I can” a whole bunch of times. I wrote some journaling on one of the die cuts from the kit and I added some other small bits and pieces. This page is a “pep talk page” for myself.

jag kan klar


When creating my last page this month I started out with black paint. Then I cut strips of different patterned paper and glued down.


Most of the time I have no idea where I’m going, when I’m starting a page. I added Distress Paint on top of the strips, but I wasn’t very happy with the look. I then took a stencil out, together with some gesso.


On top of this I then layered little bits and pieces and I wrote down my thougths on the fact that summer is soon over and again, this is a little pep talk, where I’m telling myself that things will be ok. I wrote some of my journaling on the tag I put in the cute envelope with the stars.

remsor klar

I hope you’ll be having fun with your kit and please don’t hesistate to ask if you have any questions about the techniques I’ve used!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Lisa Saunders

    Anna you are truely an inspiration.
    I love your video and I should use my brayer more. Thank you. x

  2. SuzMannecke

    These are soooo coool! Love them both! Very inspiring! TFS. 🙂

  3. Mandy

    Beautiful Anna!!!Love this! SO much inspiration.

  4. Denise M

    wow. Anna I love your creativity and the things you imagined here.
    Beautiful and inspiring.

  5. Lisa Flaherty (jjflair)

    Wonderful inspiration, Anna! The paints look wonderfully fluid and pigmented. Your journal pages are so cool!


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