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Hello Daisies. I am here with another “out of your element” blog post. Out of your element is a scrap challenge in which two design team members here at Cocoa Daisy push ourselves to scrap in the other person’s style. Since everybody scraps differently {no two scrappers are just alike!} this is a fun and interesting way to create a layout and sometimes forces us to try techniques or products or color combos we would otherwise not typically use. Today Anna and I swapped styles and looked through each other’s galleries for inspiration. Next we went to work on creating with the other person’s style heavily influencing what we put down on our own page. This is how it turned out this time around.

First up is Anna; here is what she had to say about this out-of-your-element challenge:

I really love the playfulness and happiness in Jody’s layouts. It’s like there is love and warmth radiating from her work. She has a whimsical style and uses a lot of embellishments in fun and inventive ways. When looking through her gallery, trying to define the “Jody style” for myself, I found a few details that I decided to use when creating my layout. First of all, I knew I needed to add more embellishments than I usually do. This IS a challenge for me for some reason and when looking at my finished layout now, I realize that this is my version of Jody’s style, which means that there aren’t all that many embellishments after all, even though I tried my very best. 🙂

I noticed that Jody has been using her stapler a lot lately, so I decided to do the same. I was also inspired by the distressed edges in several of Jody’s recent layouts. My intention was never to scrap lift her fabulous Oh Crew-layout, but I realized after completing my page that my layout turned out pretty similar in design! I loved the process of creating this page and I loved how trying to achieve a more whimsical look made me reach for pattern and colour combinations that I normally wouldn’t have dared to go for. Thank you so much for the inspiration Jody!


Isn’t Anna’s page so colorful and eye-catching! She always does such a tremendous job on all of her pages. The photos always take center stage too. I love all the patterns and bold colors and designs on this page. Here is the page of mine which she felt mimicked her final result. They do have lots of similarities, so I think she did an awesome job of ‘channeling’ me. =)


Then it was my turn to try my best “Anna” on a page. Anna has so many different techniques and passions that show up on her pages and define her style. She tends to be a more ‘clean’ scrapper than I am- as she said she usually uses fewer embellishments and usually has more white space to her pages. But as I looked through her gallery and posts here at Cocoa Daisy there were a few things that stood out to me that I knew would definitely push me out of my normal scrap comfort zone. {If there is such a thing!} Anna has been creating and playing with art journaling and specifically using the Project Art kits here at CD. Her recent posts showing how she uses the items that come in those kits and just her love of playing and trying new things were very inspiring to me. I don’t art journal, but I have really wanted to try it just because there are so many beautiful things about it and I love the idea of creating and having freedom and even not using photos. Anna makes it look so effortless and beautiful! I knew I wanted to get a little bit ‘messy’ and for me that meant pulling out some paints that don’t get used very much at all. Here are the pages that I used as the basis of my page.




Anna is so great with blues and greens and I am loving mint-colored anything right now, so it was cool to see how those colors ended up on my page too.  I love her use of circles and that is something I struggle with on my pages. I decided to use the Jillibean placemat as a stencil and just kept the idea of “play” in my head as I painted on my page. Here is a bit of the process and how my page turned out.




Anna is great with her handwritten journaling and title all rolled into one on some of her pages. So I did the same thing and kept mine simple and covered up a paint mistake I had made along the way too. My Maya Road black mist almost got out of hand at one point when I spritzed too close to some other items laying on my desk, but it was so great to just enjoy the freedom of making a page without pressure and without worry that anything was going to be wrong. I had fun making it all work- even the messes! I do love that Anna and I both like doilies. I learned a bit more about myself and about Anna in this process of trading styles. The title of my page seems to be fitting for anyone wanting to take on scrap challenge or try something different and that is this, “The best day to add color and fun and enjoy life is NOW.” Don’t wait to play and have fun with your products- new or old. I hope that Anna and I have inspired you to want to try something a little different too! If so, go browse the gallery, or take something away from this post and go scrap. Or paint. Or stamp. Or make rainbow pancakes! It’s all good and we hope you share what you create with the rest of us either by posting on the message boards or in the gallery or both!

A big thanks to Anna for playing along with this swap challenge and for being the inspiration behind my new favorite page. =)

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  1. Emily Pitts

    This is an amazing breakdown of what you two did and I LOVE it! Thank you for sharing the inspiration pieces and the final results, REALLY nicely done, both of you!

  2. Denise M

    Jody and Anna this is an amazing post. I adore what you both have done.

  3. Lisa Flaherty

    This is such an inspiring post! I love each of your takes on each other’s style, and yet the your personal essences shine through!

  4. pam

    What a great challenge! Love how you both nailed it. Jody, my SIL makes rainbow pancakes and they inspired the rainbow birthday party for my little granddaughter.

  5. Ashley

    These pages are seriously awesome. Love, love, love the staples. Love that fun rainbow pancake page. Love seeing how you interpret each other’s work!


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