Scraproom Tour, Sort of…

I was supposed to share my scraproom with you today. But you’ll notice I’m not. It’s because I have plans. I have grand plans. And those plans are about 70% done. I have to finish hanging my IKEA Fintorp buckets. They look like this, only with scrapbook stuff in them instead of food stuff.

One is hung, the other is not.

I want to make cafe curtains that look like this:

They will made out of the curtains that were in my grandparents’ guest bedroom, the one my sisters and I got to sleep in when we were kids. When my grandmother passed away, that’s all I wanted, those curtains. Unfortunately, they were old and falling apart. My mom salvaged as much as she could, and since there’s not a lot to work with, I decided cafe curtains would be the best option.

But they are not done yet.

I have a huge old desk that we found at a reclamation yard. It was $50 and I had to have it. It looks just like this one. It’s called a Lincoln Desk, manufactured by The Commercial Furniture Company in Chicago. They were built in the 1930’s and 40’s and mine has a pull out platform on the left side, originally for a typewriter, but mine holds my sewing machine.

The reason you’re not seeing my pictures is because I am an archeological scrapper. I tend to pile and move to the next project. I’m almost to the bottom, but not quite. Soon, I promise.

I also have another couple of IKEA purchases that I use for storage. This sweet little Hemnes side table holds my laptop and some miscellany:

I put it together myself.

And this PAX unit holds almost everything else I use. After many different tries at storage, I found that keeping it all behind doors is what works for me. Also, not holding on to everything is key. I have to be vicious with what I keep, otherwise I end up in chaos (I’m almost there at the moment, which is why you’re getting this kind of tour).

Mine is black with frosted doors. I’ll show you inside once I really do my scraproom tour.

I’ve got a few more little projects, I’d like some wall art and just found this cool site, you type in an address, it will make a watercolored map for you. I may create one and frame it.

Or I may not. But you’ll know in a couple more months. I have until August now, and hopefully by then I’ll be all done with my reorganized scraproom.

Until then, I suggest if you’re looking for ideas on how to store your supplies, head over to the office section of, that’s where I went to gather inspiration. I found more of what I liked there then on Pinterest.

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  1. Lisa Saunders

    Great site Em. Love your ideas.

  2. Lydia

    LOL, Em! I empathize completely! I though a new room would give me a fresh start, a CLEAN slate, but alas my piles traveled with me. I like a lot of your ideas and projects. It’ll be fabulous when you’re done. I’m seriously envious of your desk.

  3. Marcia

    I love your new room 😉 Or at least I’m sure I WILL love it! I, too, am envious of your desk; it’s hard to find one that’s a deep enough desktop.

  4. Ashley

    I have that exact same desk. 🙂 Mine was also 50$ 🙂 It is a powerhouse for storage and space! Love it.
    Can’t wait to see your scraproom when it is done. The curtains sound like they are going to be a wonderful addition to the room, and I am looking forward to seeing those hanging IKEA baskets full of scrappy goodness.


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