Meet the DT June: Ashley Calder

Our designer du jour for June is the lovely Ashley Calder. She’s been with us for about 6 months now and we’ve loved how she’s thrown herself into making Cocoa Daisy her home. We love her funky graphically messy style. We love her quirky sense of humor. We love how she sees life with her family. We love how she explores creativity. We just love having Ashley here you might say. We count ourselves lucky!


We asked Ashley to tell us more about herself, answer a few questions, and share some of her favorite layouts. So sit back and enjoy getting to know Ashley Calder.

I’ve lived in southern Ontario my entire life, in a few different cities. I just moved back “home” — across the street from my parents — after living in our university town for over 10 years.

Paul and I met in university and have been together for 14 years now. We have three children: Summer Lily (11), Addie Blue (9) and Ruby Sky (19 months). Paul is a restoration ecologist and currently working as a Post Doc doing research in forestry.

Right now I am a SAHM. When our big girls were young, I stayed home with them while Paul worked at graduate school; when Addie Blue was old enough for school and Paul was finishing his PhD, I returned to university and did a MSc in stem cell biology. I defended my thesis when I was nine months pregnant! Then we had Ruby Sky and I’m back at home!


I started scrapbooking in early 2004 after seeing an online gallery, falling in love, and asking for paper and stuff for Christmas! I was an avid scrapbooker for the next several years, until I went back to university. I have always been a story teller, and I love the family photo albums from my childhood, have an addiction to paper and other pretty things, so scrapbooking was a perfect way to combine all of those things in a meaningful way.

I worked on several design teams during this period, including being a Contributing Artist to several Designing With/Autumn Leaves titles, serving as a Contributing Writer for Scrapbook Answers magazine (I was in every issue for their publishing life!), and had my own sole-authored book with Memory Makers, called Scraptastic! 

Right now I am greatly enjoying being part of the wonderful Cocoa Daisy design team, and using this time at home to document this stage of our lives and being with Ruby Sky full time.


My scrapbooking goals and priorities are:

  • to tell a story, no matter how small, on every page.
  • to use products, design, and color to complement the photo and help tell the story
  • to create well-designed pages that are fun!

1. What is your most creative time?
Usually late at night, or any time I can have a couple of hours of quiet to myself!

2. What is on your top 5 playlist right now?
Lately it’s been Blues Clues, Bear and the Big Blue House, Sesame Street, Elmo’s World, and Franklin. 😉


3. What’s next on your scrappy life list?

Not too sure! I want to continue to expand my Etsy shop. And I really do hope to design a line of product someday. I’ve designed sets of stamps in the past, but would love to do a full line of paper and embellishments.

4. What is your favorite retreat?

I’m not really a retreat person! If I could plan some scrappy time for myself, I’d be happiest staying at home and spreading out all over my house. And a couple of boxes of new supplies to open at the start of my “retreat” would be perfect, too. Some iced coffee prepped, a fridge of fast easy foods and salads, stereo turned up loud, and I’d be one happy girl.

5. If your life was a movie, what actress would play you?
Winona Ryder.

6. Who are the important people in your life?
The whole fam!!

7. What are you known for on your pages?
Whimsy, and unexpected touches and details.

8. What’s your favorite inspiration site?
I really don’t have just one… I have a few favorite blogs (scrappy and other) and some great Pinners to follow.

9. What food would describe your style?
Homecooked simple.

10. What is “dressed up” for you?
Well, these days, just about anything. 😉 But usually I feel dressed up and HOT when I put on a pair of awesome heels!


And there you have it, a look into what makes Ashley Ashley. We’re so glad she’s a part of our Cocoa Daisy team, she brings a lovely energy to our online home, don’t you agree?

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  1. AnnaB

    I loved reading this and getting to know more about you Ashley! And I really love your layouts! Looking at them makes me wanna go and scrap right away!

  2. Sherry C

    I enjoyed reading all these fun, little details about you!

  3. Lisa Saunders

    Love your style Ashley x

  4. Denise M

    Fan from long ago Ashley.
    love your crafty, glittery style.

  5. Marti Richards

    Loved reading about you, Ashley! Your work is lovely!


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