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Hello Daisies! Today’s teaming up with post is also an out-of-your element post too. We’re a two-for-1 deal today! =) Denise and I volunteered to “swap” scrap styles and try to create something based on what inspires us about each other’s work. We had fun looking closely at the pages and projects in each other’s galleries and finding elements or techniques that are often repeated within those layouts and projects. We all have things that we love about scrapping. For some it is colors or patterns; for others it is a technique like painting or stamping or handwritten journaling or several elements all over the page! So here is what happened to the two of us when we teamed up and channeled the best of one another.

Denise is up first…

One of the things I always love about Jody’s work is how she really keeps the focus on her photos while at the same time uses embellishments in such wonderful and creative ways.  More is more when it comes to embellishments for Jody.  While I love to look at the embellishments, Jody actually uses them!
 One of my favorite things in Jody’s gallery is the diorama she made with the Pemberley kit.  I absolutely loved it.  So whimsical and pretty.  One of the projects I created with Jody’s inspiration was this little shadow box frame.  Instead of using paint and scribble, I layered paper and embellishments.  I love how it turned out.  The little bottle cap with the smiley face is definitely a tip of the hat to Jody.  I always notice she uses little smiley face bits and stickers on her layouts.  Just wish I had had a Hello Kitty sticker!
I also love Jody’s Project Life pages.  She adds such great embellishments.  I really stepped it up to mimic Jody’s ” more is more.”  I ended up having so much fun. I really enjoyed using all the little bits instead of just slapping paint willy nilly.  I even painted glitter onto the little wooden pieces that I nestled into the photo frame.
I think Jody’s work has a delightful child like quality to it.  Her titles are often funny and silly.  In this last layout I forced myself to not use any paint and had fun trying to figure out what would be the best embellishments to match the silly photo.  I definitely took my time trying to figure it out.  I knew I should keep putting more and more on this one but I really struggled and finally had to stop and leave some white space.  At least I didn’t add paint!
Thanks so much Jody for teaming up with me to do this.  You are inspiring to me as an artist but also a person and I feel lucky to know you and be getting to know you even better!
Why thank you, Denise! It was actually my pleasure to team up and swap styles with you too.

As I looked through Denise’s galleries, I found myself so in love with the way she lets things “spill” onto her pages. Her style is much more ‘artistic’ and unstructured. While I have only used a stencil and paint a couple of times on my pages, for Denise it is something that is a natural part of her scrapbooking.
I actually decided to push myself out of my box and I first bought some 12×12 watercolor paper. I brought it home and had all this great inspiration in my head, but as I played around on actual paper none of it looked like I imagined it at all! Making a mess with paint is actually a lot harder than it seems! Otherwise I must have been overthinking it, or I simply need classes or I just don’t have what it takes. Nonetheless I stuck with it and tried a couple of techniques and in the end I did a few “Denise-inspired” things on my layout.
First, I used the watercolor paper as my background and I actually mixed some different colors and had fun playing around with that. I figured that just getting ink on my fingers was one thing Denise would do while scrapping, so I was already on my way to channeling her! =) I ended up doing some subtle splatters and then added a couple of more saturated drops of paint too. I pulled a little pack of Target stickers out of my stash and dumped those out on my page too. Denise is good at incorporating black on her pages too, so that was a bit of my inspiration for the stickers too. Plus I just like them with the idea of little girls and growing up and childhood fun. So they fit my idea for my page.
I loved the soft color and look of part of the packaging from the Basic Grey bottle cap stickers. It looks a bit like a stenciled image, so I cut it off the package and that’s the piece you see just underneath the photo. A bit of baker’s twine is my interpretation of Denise’s signature ‘scribble’ and I hand wrote the “sugar & spice and everything” bit of the title just to put some more black and ‘scribble’ of my own on this page.
Leaving as much white space on my page was one of my biggest challenges. That and not adding antlers of some sort; I can’t believe Denise didn’t seize the opportunity to scrap antlers when she had the chance! {hee hee} But in the end, I absolutely loved how my layout came out.
I have learned so much from and will always be inspired by my team member and friend, Denise. I hope you are inspired and find ways to try some of “her” on your next project too! It’s fun to push yourself creatively from time to time, and you never know when you might pick up something new that becomes a mainstay of your style as well! The best part is that there is no right or wrong way to scrap no matter whose style you mimic or are inspired by. It’s all good and it can jumpstart your mojo if you find yourself needing something to get you going at times. Let us know on the message board if you use any of the DT’s pages for inspiration on your own work. We are honored and would love to see whatever you create!
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  1. Laura C - Michigan

    This is a great match up but how hard that had to have been for both of you! Love what you guys created.! Don’t know that I could do what you two did here! What a great challenge!

  2. Suzie

    Love what you’ve created from each other’s inspiration! I’m now inspired to make a page based on each of your styles…so much fun!

  3. Carla Mayfield

    All of these are exquisite projects, and I think you both handled the other’s style beautifully! What a fun challenge!

  4. Ashley

    Wow, what a great teaming up with/swap! I love seeing your takes on each others’ work! Because you still stayed true to your own fabulous style.

  5. Marti Richards

    You guys did a fabulous job channeling each other’s style! Great post!

  6. sherry c

    How fun is this? Love the end result of each project – you both rock!

  7. pam

    I’m so impressed with how each of you were able to find things about the other’s style that you could put on a page. It must have been challenging for each of you as your styles are polar opposites. Loved this.

  8. kelly

    gorgeous projects; what a great way to stretch your own creativity!


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