Mandy Koeppen’s Scrap Space

Hey y’all it’s MandyK here today I’m going to finally give you a peek into my organized mess. I decided to just use still photos here on the Cocoa Daisy Blog because I am a newbie videoer and my little iPhone video ended up being almost 20 minutes long and way too yappy so it was ditched. A little info about my space. Some of you may remember a tour of my old scrap space that was on the American Crafts blog last August well it’s changed lots since then. My room is now in an upstairs bedroom that is kinda on the small side. One wall has this huge window that is great for light but also takes up wall space I might have used. The beautiful tall ceilings I had before aren’t in this one. Every space I’ve had there has always been something I like about it but I think this space I have now is a favorite.  Ok enough blah blah blah right?

We’ll start here in the spot that you would be in after entering the doorway.There is a metal basket rack that holds all my punches. The 2 bookshelves hold lots of stuff.

The one thing that I mentioned over and over in the video is I love using vintage finds to help me organize my space. It makes it more Mandy to me. The one thing that I really don’t like about my space is the plastic cropper hopper paper holders but for now they will do because I have yet to find something else that works.

Next are the fabulous and so popular Ikea carts. I have 2 and I love them. I like that they are on wheels and can be easily moved around in this small space. As you can see one cart top holds some milk glass dishes with tools, adhesive, pens, and other stuff. The second cart has an old cash register drawer insert and is perfect for tags and other bits & pieces. The little buckets are from the Target dollar spot i keep Polaroid frames, tags, and markers in them. The 2 shelve holds a variety of stamps.

This is a view of one end of my work space. I have the butcher block table sectioned off one end is where I create the other is where my desktop computer is. Next to the work space is this old muffin tin that I keep all sorts of little things in like veneer, buttons, stamps, crochet thingys my Gma makes. Behind that you will see one of my new fav finds this old child record holder. You also see that 2 milk glass dishes that have 3 sections in them.I like to have these handy to put little embellishments from kits and the prima ink pads that match the kits.

This recorder holder is perfect to separate all my kit papers. It makes flipping thru and picking a breeze.

This is the big wall in the room. It has 3 book shelves that hold lots of stuff. I have a love for colanders so I have a few here and there holding labels and other embellishments. My washi is in the big bowl on the second shelf. I use that old teal bread box for storing thickers.I display a bunch of old stuff that inspires me on the top of the shelves. At the end you can see the top shelf has a wire basket that is where I put leftovers from my Cocoa Daisy kits after I break them down.

Another look at the wall of shelves.

This is the little alcove between 2 closets. I hang my stencils on the cork board on the bottom and the top board has some necklaces I’ve made and I tack inspiration pieces up there. The black locker/drawer unit holds finished layouts til they go in books. The drawers have misc stuff in them from stamps to sewing machine things. The carousel as Sharmaine calls it has my Epiphany Crafts tools, sew easy things, and Zing. The yellow drawer thing has new Basic Grey in it. the Flower Power filer doesn’t have anything yet. This is also where I have the world clocks that tell me Aussie time, European Time, and West Coast time so that I know what time it is for the Cocoa Daisy girls. I need to to get a couple more.

This is a view by the big window. This is next to the computer. I finally took the plunge and got a silhouette. I know crazy, right? It’s a love/hate thing right now but I will figure it out.  The dress form displays some of the jewelry that I have created for Epiphany Crafts HSN shows and CHA booths. See there is another colander too. This one keeps all my sticky notes handy.  There is where the sewing machine sits and I have put together a Project Art station with my art journaling stuff organized in an vintage dish drying rack.

If you have any questions please let me know.

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  1. Ashley

    What a great space! I love how many awesome vintage pieces you’ve repurposed for storage!

  2. emily (justem)

    Love this!!!! All the vintage elements are so great. And, I hear you on the plastic paper holders…I have the same ones! 😉

  3. MandyKay

    I love the new space!

  4. MandiePierce

    LOVE your space, Mandy!

  5. Jennifer C.

    I don’t like the look of those paper holders either….I would cover the front of them with fabric or paper that fit my style & decor….just a thought

    Love the space though, wish I had a space to call my own!


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