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Happy Monday, Daisies! I am happy to be sharing some of the simple design elements I used when I put together my mini book for the recent Fall Crop that we had online at Cocoa Daisy. Which, by the way, wasn’t it so fun?! We are all enjoying the many projects, cards and pages being posted in the gallery as a result of all the challenges you all have been completing. Each one is so unique and inspiring! So thank you for helping to make our crop a wonderful success! We couldn’t pull it off without you!

I so enjoyed being a part of many of the weekend events. Although I did miss out on Bingo this time around; I hear it was a riot, as usual! One of the most exciting things for me leading up to the crop was putting together my first class! It was a clipboard mini book~ which could easily be turned into a basic mini book or garland too. I love having options. =) I happen to love creating mini books and sometimes I forget that some people are intimidated or even overwhelmed with them and where to begin. So today I hope to break it down just a bit and show you that they are very doable, easy and fun to make. You just might want to leave your screen and run to your scrap desk to make one of your own after you are done with this blogpost! Just a friendly warning from me to you. {wink}

So, my class was called “Layers of Goodness” and you can actually read through the entire class with more instructions and photos along the way right here, if you click on this link. {There are several more details and pictures of the process in that link.}


The title, “I thank my lucky stars” came about because I just love, love LOVE the Stargazing kit for November, and was inspired by the kit name. I also decided to scrap a page for each of my family members and to me, they are literally the “stars” in my life, and I am so thankful for them, so it was a little spin on that and the title was born. Now, a couple of things you should know about making mini books and that is this: 1) Don’t overthink it.  2) Have fun! Okay. Those are my two main concerns when scrapping minis. You can easily spend more time than necessary on planning out all the pages. And to me, that takes some of the fun out of it. So, here are my top 3 tips on mini book design that can help you keep it simple.

1. Use coordinating colors, but mix up patterns for lots of interest. Having a kit or add-on makes this step easy, because everything you need is already in place for you to create your book. Sticking to a certain color combination keeps the book cohesive and helps it come together more quickly. In this mini book I stuck to navy, reddish-orange, gold, mint, white and pink. Choosing your title and colors first is a great way to begin. It helps limit what you are going to use and staying within those ‘limits’ is a good thing~ especially to some of us who have a lot of stash to choose from. =)


2. Use repeating designs and embellishments, but vary the patterns and sizes. I did this with stickers, flair, doilies, stamps, and stars- some are hand-cut and stitched and some are wood veneers or negative space {the shape left0ver once you cut out a shape}. Each page turned out so differently, but you can easily see they are based on the same themes, just by their similar page elements.


3. Mix up the sizes, shapes and textures of your pages, but keep the photos the same size. The base of each of the pages in my mini book are all different. I planned that they would all fit on a 5×7 clipboard, but each one is a different size or shape- from glassine baggies to an envelope to misted cardstock with a pattern transparency over that. But they still have a unifying element to them and that is the photo is sized the same. You could also print all black and white photos as that visually guides you through a book of multi-layered pages.



There are several other ways to create a simple mini book, but starting with these three tips is a basic recipe for a winning book, if you ask me. If you have a favorite tip or design element you love when you create minibooks, please feel free to share them here in the comments. And if you have never made a book before, I hope this little guide might be just the jumpstart you need to do so! Making mini books and garlands just might become your favorite crafting project after all!


Happy scrapping, everyone!


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  1. Marti Richards

    Thank you for the inspiration, Jody! I really need to give this a try- I always have good intentions to make minis, but stress myself out over actually doing one. Great tips here.


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