Dissecting Design: split/mirrored page design

Hello lovely Daisies!

This is Ashley today, and we’re going to talk about page design.



In the layout above (made with April’s awesome Cocoa Daisy kit!) I used the long-tailed bow as a focal line on the layout, and then balanced the remaining elements around it.

The photo, and the Pebbles journalling card are tied visually to the bow because they each share a hidden side under the bow tails. A set of green photo corners on the left and a set of two yellow photo corners on the right help unite the two 4×6 elements across the page.

To add some visual interest and a feel of “play” to the page, I placed the rest of the pieces in a non-symmetrical but balanced manner. The journalling block under the photo mimics the size and shape of the envelope placed just at the top of the Pebbles journalling card. The date banner placed over the ribbon tails balances the floral banner layered over the kraft envelope.

These five main components of the page — the bow, the two 4×6 pieces, and the journalling block and envelope — make up the primary page design. They are balanced in visual weight and distribution around the page. The smaller details — the girl icon sticker, the clothes pin, and even the title block — are just small finishing touches that help fill in the page and provide balance.

Try this split/mirrored page design yourself! Start with a strong dividing element like my bow (you could use a strip of paper or a border), and then begin placing balanced elements on either side. Try varying placement of one or more of the elements to give your page dynamic flow, or keep them perfectly lined up for a strong linear feel.

Have fun, and happy scrapping!

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  1. Marti Richards

    Really cool way to use the ribbon! Thank you for sharing. 🙂


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