Making good use of those scraps!

Do you ever get your kit and as you go through the smaller tags and embellishments you find yourself wishing you had more of them? I do that almost every month! Today I want to show you just a couple of ways to use your scraps to actually make more of what you love from your kits. It’s one of my favorite ways to use my smaller pieces or my favorite pieces too.

I gather some of the shapes or pieces that I like so much and a piece of cardstock. You could also use a heavier cardboard or chipboard works well too.

You simply need to lay your items out and trace around them.

As you can see from this photo, I have some extra “help” when I am scrapping sometimes. These little toes belong to my youngest, Teague, and he was insisting on standing under me for each photo that I snapped for this blogpost. I couldn’t help but not edit his piggies out for at least one picture in this post. It’s so real life and it just shows you that scrapping is something that you can do even when the little ones are “in the way”. I love to hand my kids blank paper or extra stickers or stamps to play with when I am busy with my scraps too. I think it just makes them love scrapping even more and it certainly keeps them entertained and they get to be creative too. So that’s my bonus scrap tip for the day. Let your kids play and eveyone is happy!

Okay. Back to the simple tip on using those scraps. =) Just cut them out and now you have templates to be used on any patterned paper or vellum or add glue and glitter and you have a whole new set of embellishments to use on your next project,  layout, card or Day in the Life page.

As you can see, using the pieces as templates not only uses your scraps, but it adds extra fun to the kits we all love each month by giving you more of your favorite pieces. As you can see in the card I made for my mom this past weekend, the tiny envelope on her card looks nothing like the little Maya Road kraft one that came in the kit. But it’s the very same one…just traced and cut from colored, patterned paper.

I like to keep my templates in a box all their own and I pull it out and use my shapes, or cut more and add to my box each month. My kids like to trace the shapes and my youngest boys are just getting to the age where they are learning to cut them out with my help too. I am sure that there must be some truth to the family that scraps together, stays together. Or makes a mess together. Or something like that. =) I hope this has sparked an idea or two in your own creative mind today. Have fun tracing, cutting and using up all the great scraps that add up each month. They can sometimes turn out to be the best part of the kit!


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  1. Laura C - Michigan

    Okay – ingenius for the envelope template – what a DUHH moment for me. TFS Jody! And loved seeing your smiling face over at Websters yesterday!

  2. pam

    What a great idea. Duh, why didn’t I think of that? Love the little piggies in the photo.

  3. Marti Richards

    Brilliant! And, I love the piggies!

  4. Eunice Robertson

    I do exactly the same with the “leftovers” from chipboard shapes. I have two that were left from when I bought cards of chipboard flowers, and I use them as templates over and over again. Because they are also chipboard,they can stand up to a lot of handling.



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