Tips & Tricks–Organizing Mists

Hello, I have an organization tip for you today. I’m not a terribly organized person, but I did this a few years ago and it has really paid off, so I thought I’d share it with you.

I have a good collection of mists, not huge by some standards, but a good collection nonetheless. They are easy to collect, check out the selection we have here in the Daisy Boutique, there’s always a new color you just have to have! Right now, the DT favorite is the White Out by Maya Road, apparently it’s an across the board favorite too, it’s not in the store at the moment!

I use mist in a very controlled manner. I like to color chipboard and use it with one of the many stencils we stock, like I did on this layout for my Navy Pier gallery:

Very rarely will you find me misting randomly or dripping it on my pages, it’s just not what I’m comfortable with so I don’t do it. Unless there’s a challenge, like there was in our fall crop. Then I might do this, and it might make me very nervous:

I had tried other organizing methods before, but I just wasn’t using my mists because I was never sure what it would look like once I sprayed it. To remedy that, I came up with this system.

I took all my mists and samples of my three most used surfaces–2″x4″ swatches of white and kraft cardstock and a square of chipboard–and sprayed each color on each surface.

I let them dry and then wrote the color’s name at the bottom of the swatch and on the back of the chipboard.

I’d then punch a hole in each and put them on a binder ring.


Now, when I need to know what a mist will look like in a design, I just pull out my rings and find the right color. I use the mists so much more this way. And every time I get a new mist, I make up more swatches for my rings. It’s an easy way to organize and keep current on my supplies.

How do you organize your mists?

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  1. Aliza

    That’s ingenious. I don’t have a collection that warrants such organization, but now I kind of wish I did.


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