Tips and Tricks Wednesday

Have you noticed the little extras scrap companies have been providing us of late?
It’s like the little extra strips of pattern paper

It’s like the gorgeous cardboard packaging (seen here under my journal strips)

Its even the journaling that companies have already printed out for us (seen here on the layered circles)

My goodness they even include a lovely wooden stick in their rub ons which looks amazing on a page

And the lovely Christine is kind enough to include something special
Yes the cool “Packed by” Cocoa Daisy cards, used here

and here

So next time your looking at your stash make sure you have a good look at the packaging.
You never now what fabulousness you might be throwing away.
And you never know… You might end up like me…. loving the packaging just as much as I love the product!
And whatever you do please don’t tell the scrap companies, it’s our little secret… okay?!!

May sketch challenge winner
Inspiration on Tuesday

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  1. Samantha Sweetlove

    I plan on completing a whole layout devoted to my Daisy Packed by Cards. Just waiting until I have enough of them!! Fab ideas, I will definitely use some!


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