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Okay, none of these photos are from my scrap space but I do have one. It is small and also doubles as a computer room that I share with my family.  It needs work.  I have pieces that worked in a different space but they don’t work the same in this one.  So I am collecting ideas.

As much as I love photos of perfectly organized studios filled with shelves and cupboards, I realize it’s not really for me.  I like my stuff out in the open so I will actually use all the wonderful supplies I have.  If everything is neatly put away in boxes that I can’t see, I am honestly less likely to use those supplies.  These are some ideas I am holding on to for the time when I can re do my scrap space to make it work and make sense for me.

This is fantastic for holding all kinds of things I want to see but may not use all the time.  I have a one door that is close to my desk. Right now I have a shoe bag which does work but again, makes it hard to see what’s in the bags.

Here is another idea that would work.  This is a photo of a bedroom closet but the little foldable desk might be perfect for my sewing machine.   I also Love this circle hanger thing.  Think about putting material or ribbons on it.  Pretty and easy to hang on the back of a door or even on the wall to make a lovely display.  Cheap too!  from
IKEA for 7.99
As I mentioned before, I like to see my goodies out in the open and yet my desk does get cluttered.  What about storing all your go to embellishments in little dishes right in your top desk drawer.  That way they are still easy to access but not cluttering up your desk.
I have a book shelf that has an exposed corner.  This idea from Kim Chaltry is wonderful for storing punches where you can see them.
Here is a great idea for clear storage from an artsy girl.  They are clear CD boxes from Target.  Perfect for me. Again, I like things neat but I need to see what I have.
These would be perfect to stack neatly on a shelf and yet, look at all that gorgeous chaos behind the plastic!
Organized chaos.  That pretty much describes me!
Daisy Devotion
out of this world!


  1. Monika Wright

    Hmmm, those clear boxes are such a great idea!

  2. KarenP

    Love this post!! I need to have my stuff in the open too I’ve discovered…..I love cool target containers…and that punch storage idea is genius!! Love this post!

  3. Iska Wire

    Laughing cause I recognize that Real Simple image – I ripped it out and carried it around for months till I finally got to IKEA to purchase the scarf hanger/circle thing. It is great – got one for my mom too while I was there. You will love it.

  4. Emily Pitts

    i love the idea of little dishes then storing them in your desk when you are done. i need to do that 🙂

  5. Aliza

    I love all thins organization.

  6. Katie

    Love all the bright colors and the clear boxes!


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