Doily Stamped Christmas Ornaments

Do you remember that beautiful doily stamp that was in November’s kit that Kim Watson designed? Well, I used it for creating some super simple and classy looking ornaments using polymer clay and some letter stamps. I LOVE how they turned out.

Supplies Needed:

polymer clay (I used and LOVE the Hearty brand because you do not need to bake it)
doily stamp (or other fave stamp)
letter stamps
a drinking glass (with the mouth sized to the size that you would like your ornament to end up)
smooth pencil


Take a nice sized chunk of clay in your hands and form into a ball. Push down on the ball with the bottom of your glass and then using your smooth pencil, roll it like a rolling pin into a smooth circle. Flip your glass around and use it like a cookie cutter to cut out your circle. Make sure your circles aren’t too thin or too thick. You’ll figure out what thickness you are happy with and then try and shoot for that consistently from that point on-wards. Now take your stamp and lightly press it into the top of your clay circle leaving room for your letter stamps to be stamped. Now stamp in your letters. Finally, using your straw, punch a hole into the top of your ornament and let clay dry. Thread with your twine once you are done!

Merry & Bright Punchable Circle Die Cuts.
Stamp Subs have been shipped!


  1. NickyNoo

    These are amazing, Jen, what a great idea!

  2. cassie t

    I love that stamp. I just started the stamp sub in November…..what kit did that stamp come with….is it still available?
    Great project!

  3. cassie t

    I just started the stamp sub in November. Is that stamp still available for purchase? I love it! 🙂

  4. Jen Davis

    Thank you Cassie! The stamp is from the November kit…you can look in the shop and see past kits from there.

  5. kissy

    The stamp is from November 2010 and I am sorry to say it is no longer available 🙁 but I think this month’s snowflake stamp would work well for this too.


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