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This month’s tutorial is on creating backgrounds with spray paint, spray mists and your own handmade or found stencils.  Every month now Christine is including a coordinating spray mist or ink add-on.  I know many of you have already used spray mists but if you haven’t it is very fun to make your own stencils to use with them.  Here is a list of supplies.

  • Spray mists in various colors.  You can also use spray paint if you like but not necessary.
  • cardstock for backgrounds and extra for creating stencils.
  • scissors
  • various shaped punches
  • chipboard alphas or shapes
  • a well ventilated area if using spray paint or at least a card board box so you don’t mess up your desk or floors!

I cut a 12×12 sheet of cardstock in half and punched circles out on either side creating this circle stencil.  You could do the same with stars, hearts or any other shaped punch. I saved the punched out circles for use later.

After placing it where I wanted on my background, I started by using white spray paint.  Spray paint dries quickly, especially if you are outside in warm weather so you can quickly lift up your stencil.  I then took the punched out circles and laid them on the remaining cardstock in random order and sprayed with some silver spray paint.

I am always using alphas as stencils.  My favorite stencil is from an old chipboard sheet of Heidi Swapp letters that have all been punched out.  It is perfect to lay down on your cardstock and spray.  For this I used a sheet of chipboard letters that are still attached. I used some black spray mist.  When using mists it is a good idea to wait a few minutes before lifting your stencil as they take a little while to dry.

Now I used some metallic orange spray mist to spray randomly on the cardstock.  Wherever the white paint was covered the orange really stands out.

This is my finished background.

You can use doiles or even cut out strips of paper to randomly drop onto your background before spraying.  I have used all kinds of objects.  Tags, bottle caps, string and even leaves.

Sometimes if you use more than a few colors your backgrounds can get muddy looking but don’t give up.  It’s just paper.  Throw it away and try again.  Some times I really hate what I have done but I keep going, adding another layer, and another and end up loving what I created.

Your backgrounds can be flattened out between several heavy books if they become wrinkled.  Now you are ready to use them for layouts, cards or ATC’s.  Have fun.

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  1. Anja

    I’ve gotta give this a try! I’ve been spray painting a lot of furniture lately and have a ton of leftover spray paint! Really cool backgrounds!


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