I just moved into a new house that my husband and I bought.  It’s small and has it’s share of quirks but it feels good to start the new year off in our own home after renting for three years!  Because it’s smaller than homes we’ve owned before, I am becoming a bit obsessed with organizing.  Oh, I haven’t started actually doing anything yet, but I have been looking on line for different ideas.  I should start in the kitchen but my little craft room seems more important!

The funny thing is, as I started down the “organizing images” path, I realized something about myself.  I really don’t want everything to be neat and square and all put away.  I realized I like organized chaos.  I like to know where everything is but I also like it a little messy.  That inspires me. 

I love this little holder for the stamps or tools I might use every day.

Isn’t this little beauty perfect for storing spraypaint, gesso and misting sprays?  I love this!!

This one is a bit more modern and colorful but still sort messy, in a good inspiring way.

As a collector of suitcases, I thought this would be cool as well.  I like the idea of using tags to mark whats in the suitcase so you don’t forget!

Inklings of Organization
Another use for your Cocoa Daisy boxes


  1. Olivia

    This looks great! Like you I prefer to start organizing in my scrap space. I think this is because this space is just mine and no one else messes with my stuff. When I organize other places I have to consider other people which sometimes is difficult.

  2. mary

    ooh – love this post:) this is my focus right now, also – organizing my studio. actually, it’s been my focus for 5-6 years…let’s be honest. so thanks for the inspiring photos!


  3. Ronda

    great post denise!

  4. Miriam

    WOW what fantastic storage ideas, thanks for sharing!


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