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I spend quite a lot of time on the train, because I travel by train to work. During that ride my mind is pretty often occupied with scrapbooking (when I’m not sleeping that is…). Last week I made this little list of fun ways to do the journaling on a layout and I thought I’d share my ideas with you.


I love drawing non-parallel lines for my journaling. When I draw straight lines I mostly use my journaling template and I believe I did the non-parallel version for the first time when I couldn’t find my template and I was too lazy to do the measuring, making sure the lines were straight. So instead – I made them non-parallel on purpose.


   I also love to use my sewing machine. It can for example be used to create straight lines, or non-parallel lines, to hold the journaling.




You can also create a frame, using your sewing machine, and journal inside the frame.



This template is great and I use it a lot. It’s perfect when the lines are supposed to be straight. I’ve created my own journaling spots by simply drawing a circle and filling it with straight lines.



Framing objects – like photos or blocks of patterned papers – always works and I love to do it.





Try adding clear embossing powder on top of your journaling. Here I punched out a circle from a sheet of cardstock, using the sheet as a template when drawing my circle. I also put the cardstock back on top of my journaling when applying the Versamark. When the whole circle was sticky I removed the cardstock and added the embossing powder.





I love using paint and adding a thin layer of paint on a patterned paper is a great way of creating a place for your journaling.


Use your chipboard shapes to create your own journaling spots. I traced the butterfly onto cardstock and used my journaling template shown above, to draw the lines inside the shape. You can do this directly on your background, or you can cut the shape out. What other shapes do you have in your stash? I’m also tempted to try using the butterfly as a mask, painting outside the shape and writing the journaling inside the remaining space.


Write inside a cupcake liner…! I used my sewing machine to attach this to the patterned paper. Try decorating the cupcake liner in different ways.



Try writing your journaling around the edge of the background cardstock.


Draw your own journaling spots and color them with paint or pens.


Tear a layer of patterned paper open and add your journaling under it.


Journal directly on your photo (making sure you use a pen suitable for writing on photos).


I know there are a million other ways to get the journaling onto a layout, but I hope I might have given someone the inspiration to try something new with my little list!

A Little Roadtrip... And a little bit of October!
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