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The November Project Art kit contains 8 wonderful Pitt Artist pens, feathers and tags and cards to play with in your journal.

project art nov

The Faber-Castell Pitt Artist pens contain pigmented India ink and have brush nibs. The ink is acid free, waterproof when dry and odorless. They can be used in so many different ways, and I’m giving you a few examples here today.

First of all I want to show you that you can use them for stamping. Just colour your stamp…


…and stamp…!


My first page is a page full of flowers. I used a black pen and drew a whole bunch of simple flowers. When drawing a line that isn’t perfect I often find that it looks so much better if I just add another line, pretending that it’s not supposed to be perfect. 😉 That’s what I did here… two or more messy lines instead of trying to achieve a perfect look.


I then used the three darkest pens from the yellow set to colour my flowers. The pens mix and blend really well and I started with the darkest colour around the edges and close to the center of the flower, and then used the lighter pens to blend.


I then used the fourth yellow pen, the lightest one, to fill the center of the flowers and I added tiny dots with the dark orange and a black pen. It’s a good idea to let the yellow ink dry a bit before adding the orange, or the ink will spread.


I then coloured the dots with the blue pens, and I took out the Inktense Pencils from the June Project Art kit and coloured the leaves.


I also used a blue Inktense pencil for the background.


To finish my page, I added some white dots, using a white Sharpie Poster Paint pen.

blommor2a 500

For my next page I used a background that I started last month, but never completed. I glued down torn book pages using the matte medium from the July kit and then painted the page with gesso. Now, I started out by using one of the November stamps – my new favourite stamp! It’s perfect for colouring and I used one of the blue pens.


I added ink with the pen and then diluted it and spread it with a brush and some water. Around the stamped images I used the purple pen.


It’s also possible to lay down some of the ink on a glossy surface, such as this lid that I saved from the kitchen, and to pick the ink up with a brush, diluting it before adding it to the page. I did this when painting the lighter purple colour further away from the stamped images.


I took one of the tags from the Project Art kit, painted it with gesso and added some texture using the stencil from the October Project Art kit. I then cut the page in my journal, to be able to put the tag under the stamped images. Remember to check your opposite side before cutting through your journal page. My opposite page was still blank and I’ll figure out a way to work that cut part into my design, or just cover it up.


To finish my page, I added yellow to the tag (gelatos + Pitt pens), stamped “let’s go” and added a feather that I coloured pink using mist, a star die cut from the silver vellum of the Andromeda add on (love it!), some white messy thread and a couple of the stars from the November Day in the Life kit.

lila klar

Next, I wanted to play some more with the feathers in this kit. I used a palette knife (from the October Project Art kit) and spread the gesso onto my page, creating a fairly thick layer.


I then put the feathers down into the gesso, only gently pushing them down. I didn’t want them to be completely covered in gesso, but I wanted them to stick to the gesso when dry.


I then used Dylusions spray ink to add colour to my page. Any mist would probably work great for this. I love this look!


I cut out some words from a patterned paper and punched circles out of the star transparency in the Andromeda add on.


To finish my page I splattered black mist and a pearlescent acrylic ink, over my page.

feather finished

I realize as for the themes of my pages… that most of the time I don’t do all that much journaling, but much of the meaning of the page is only in my head. For both these pages I have used only a few words (“let’s go” and “today, tomorrow, everyday”) and I know why I created these pages and what they mean to me, even if it’s not all written out.

For my next page I really wanted to play with the Pitt pens. I have a lot to learn when it comes to doodling… but I still wanted to give it a try. Again, I started out with several messy lines, rather than trying to create something perfect.


I used the black Faber Castell Pitt pen (fine nib) from the Project Art starter kit to fill in the lines.


I then added some simple doodeling to the letters, and some more journaling.


I coloured the letters using the blue pen set. They’re really fun and nice to work with!


Next I added doodling and used the yellow/orange pen set to create a background. It’s kind of therapeutic and very relaxing to add colour a pattern like this.


…and then I added even more doodling, using a black pen and the white Sharpie. I’m not sure about this last step… I actually think I prefer the look of the page in the image above, but I’m totally ok with that. 🙂 That is what my journal is for – experimenting.


My final page started out with something that was almost completely covered up in the end. I just drew a very quick face, to try the pens out.


I wasn’t really liking it, so I covered most of it with gesso, using a palette knife.


I then used a pencil to draw in the left part of the face again. I quickly brushed some matte medium over the pencil, to fix it and prevent it from bleeding later on.


I used a stencil and gesso to add some texture.


When the gesso was dry, I added Dylusions Ink Spray. I used a brush and some water to spread it around.



I then added some black mist, unscrewing the bottle and using the tube to “paint”.


I gave her some yellow hair, using the Pitt pens.


And I added some patterns using the Pitt pens + a stencil. (This does wear your brush tip out a bit because the edges of the stencil is a bit sharp. I believe you can get a new nib by taking it out and turning it, but I haven’t tried it myself yet.)


I layered a couple of feathers on top of one of the paper feathers from the main kit.

dags feather


And this is my finished page.

dags finished

Thank you so much for stopping by today! I hope you enjoyed these examples on how to use the kit. If you have any questions, please stop by the message board or leave a comment here and I’ll do my best to answer you.

Have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. LauraC - Michigan

    Anna – this was pretty amazing! I kept scrolling down and wondering who authored this! WOW – you did a great job!

    • AnnaB

      Thank you so much Laura!

  2. sherry c

    Such amazing talent, Anna! Gorgeous projects, esp. love the feather page!

  3. Lisa Saunders

    Wonderful Anna x


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