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The main item in the June Project Art kit is a set of 12 Inktense pencils. They are watersoluble pencils in strong, vibrant colours and they are permanent after drying. I love them so much and today I am going to share some art journal pages where I have been using them.

Sometimes the work I do in my journal doesn’t have any journaling at all. Sometimes the main focus is the experimenting, and I use the journal as a place to practice. When creating this page I wanted to draw a face and try colouring it with the Inktense pencils.

I started out with a pencil sketch and then I added some Inktense, little by little. I added the pencil very carefully to the paper and then used a wet brusch to dissolve the pigment. I then let the page dry completely, before adding another layer with some more pencil + water.

inktenseface1 500

inktenseface2 vers2

I added some stamping along the edge of the page and I used the Ink Black pencil for the hair.


To finish my page I added a couple of stickers from the Candy Dots add on. The only journaling on this finished page is the date. This is just playing and practicing. I actually like the above image better than the finished result. But it’s ok. I am learning… 🙂

inktenseface4 vers2

The June Project Art kit also contains some fun vintage pieces and for my next page I tore some of them apart, and used gel medium to collage them onto my background.

this week 1

After the gel medium had dried, I painted the entire page with some gesso.

this week 2

Then I added Inktense Sea Blue and just because I wanted to give it a try, I first dissolved some of the Inktense pencil using gesso instead of water. It works really well! The pigment reacts right away, and the look is a bit softer than when using water.

dissolve gesso

I mixed the techniques of using gesso and water, to create my background. It looks pretty messy and ugly at this stage, but I knew I was going to layer things on top and it wasn’t a problem.

this week 4

I then colored three of the sewing paper circles with mist.

this week 5

I chalked the edges using a Prima edge chalker, and I also added some orange mist to the circle that I wanted to use in the middle of the flower I was creating. I glued the pieces together, adding some thread and one of the buttons from the kit, to the flower center. I took out one of the index cards from the Project Art kit and added everything to a glassine envelope.

this week 6

I wrote my journaling on the index card, glued everything on to my page, and added a few sequins from the main kit. If my first page was just a page where I was practicing drawing, this is a page where I recorded this past week in my life and I wrote about all the “end of school year activities” that we’ve been attending. Just a small record of our everyday life.

this week finished vers2

I love the look of watercolours and all the spring blossoms gave me inspiration to try and paint some flowers. I don’t really know how to do this, so what I’ll be showing you is my very first experiment. 🙂 It was fun! I am sure I’ll doing more flower experiments.

I started out with a very loose sketch where I added a tiny amount of Inktense Fuchsia.


I used water and a brush…


I then wrote some journaling – about my garden and about the fact that although it’s not fabulous, and although I’m not really good at flowers, I love to watch things grow. I also added a couple of more flowers to the bottom of my page.


I added more Fuschsia to the flowers and I decided to make the background green.



I painted the center of the flowers yellow and I added a tiny amount of orange too…


I think it was the fact that the black text stood out so much, that made me want to add some thin black lines to the flowers. I used the Pitt Artist Pen from the Starter Kit, and tried to draw lines that were kind of sketchy and non-perfect.


To finish my page I added a couple of pieces of one of the doilies from the main kit.


For my third page I wanted to create a background using the Inktense, and then adding other items on top. I picked two colours and started adding them to my page. I tried to add the pencil with a loose hand, making it easy to dissolve the pigment.


I covered my entire page and when it was dry I went back, adding more colour to some areas.



I decided to add a third colour and when I was happy with the look and my page was dry, I used a stencil and added some gesso.


To finish my page I cut a piece of patterned paper and die cut a hole in it. I attached a piece of a doily using my sewing machine and I added a sticker from the Candy Dots add on. I also added some stamping to the top and bottom of my page – I love that stamp! The journaling on this page reflects my feelings today – I only have 2 more weeks before my vacation and I am longing so much!

sida färdig

I hope you enjoy playing with your Inktense pencils and all the other fun bits and pieces in the kit! I would love to see what you create!

Have a fabulous week!

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  1. sherry c

    Gorgeous art, Anna! I love them all but esp. the soft flowers and journaling page. TFS!

  2. amberca

    Anna, you are so blow my mind talented!!! I love your artwork so much, never stop!

  3. Lisa Saunders

    Anna, this makes me want to grab for my art journal. Great blog post. x

  4. Karenp

    Love this Anna ! Can’t wait to play w my kit now!

  5. kelly

    anna, your works is gorgeous and very inspiring!

  6. Ronda

    This is where you shine so bright Anna! Completely lovely!

  7. Zarah

    I. Love. This.
    Anna rocks. 🙂

  8. Ashley

    Anna, you are so talented! I am completely envious of your drawing abilities!

  9. Denise M

    Anna this is so amazing.
    I love your drawing.


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