Daisy Devotion–Laura Cushman

We’ve had so many great members join us in the last year, today you get to meet one of them that I just adore. Please meet Laura Cushman, she’s our official Roving Reporter, she’s always finding out about and posting the accolades of fellow Cocoa Daisy members, she keeps us in the know!


Hi, my name is Laura Cushman and I live in Mid-Michigan, between the State Capitol and Cereal City USA.  I am a legal assistant at a top ten law firm in our state.  I have a B.S. in Business Administration from Lake Superior State which is located in the Upper Pennisula (U.P.) of Michigan or the Soo (Sault Ste. Marie) as it’s known here in Michigan.  I met my husband while in college and we have been married for 32+ years.  We have three children, Nino who is stationed in San Diego and is currently deployed on the U.S. San Francisco somewhere in the Pacific Ocean; Nicole, who just graduated from Central Michigan University; and Cody who moved to San Diego with Nino in the spring of 2011.  Nicole has moved back home so we are adjusting to no longer being empty nest parents for the time being.  We have two dogs to add to the mix.  We are pretty active with our family and friends.  Hubby just rejoined a band so between all of that, we are on the go A LOT!  I love to scrapbook 12×12 pages to tell all the stories of our adventures.  Cocoa Daisy has given me the knowledge and push to try some mixed media fun.  I am enjoying almost everything I’ve tried.  I don’t have an art background so it’s been learn as I go.  I do like to mix it up so I can’t say that I have a specific style but my pages do seem to have a simplicity to them without a ton of embellies.  I love the CD kits and all the support and inspiration everyone gives me to try something new and to just do what I love with them.

And because I love to find out quirkly little things about our members, I asked Laura to answer these questions as well:

1.  My most creative time is on a Saturday morning with no obligations and no schedule.  I’m a pretty busy gal so I don’t get a lot of these days so I try to make do when the opportunity grabs me!

2.  My top 5 playlist – hmmm, I was going to skip this because it would make my musician husband cringe and I’m not totally locked into any genre of music but right now while I’m coming out of the busy season of the holidays, I like light fluffy pop stuff:

a.  Adele (always Adele any season) Skyfall

b.  Pink – Perfect (I crank this up in the car and sing at the top of my lungs)
c.  Taylor Swift – We are Never Ever Getting Back Together
d.  Maroon 5 – One More Night
e.  Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

I love strong women and like to think I’m one of them – LOL  But I really like all types of music except rap and twangy country.  Depending on the day, I can go for Broadway musical music or head banging Buck Cherry or give me a good ole Kid Rock album.

3.  Next on my scrappy life list:   I am heading to a weekend crop this weekend (I will have already been by the time this publishes – ask me about it).  The crop is at the Farmstead Inn in Shipshewanna with my main scrappy buddy, my SIL.

4.  My all time favorite retreat is Higgins Lake – good times, great place, relaxation, good drinks, good friends.   I look forward to it all year round.

5.  If my life was a movie, what actress would I play?   Oh my gosh, I’m pretty steadfast and boring with bursts of outrageous behavior when you least suspect it.  I have an alter ego that doesn’t go with my exterior. Is there a movie or actress like that?

6.  Who are the most important people in my life?   I would have to say my husband.  My rock.  The man who puts up with me and pulls me up and elevates me all the time.  Then my kids, family and friends.  I’m kind of a social animal.  This gives me lots of fodder for my scrappy pages.

7.  What am I known for on my pages?  Wow – toughie because I really don’t have any signature piece.  I really do mostly flat pages – not a lot of layering.  I like the photos to tell more of the story rather than loading a page with bulky embellishments.  I adore looking at the pages that have lots of layering but it’s really not me.

8. What’s your favorite inspiration site?   Gosh I spend a lot of time on Cocoa Daisy and on Memorable Seasons but I find inspiration all over the place.  In regular every day life, blogs, websites, etc.

9.  What food would describe your style?  Easy bites.  Although I love a good homecooked heavy meal, it doesn’t make me feel good.  Do you know what I mean?  So right now, it’s quick easy bites that are healthy for you but taste fantastic.

10.     What is “dressed up” for you?   A black knee length dress with pearls and pearl earrings with varying heights of heels.  I’m a classic kinda gal.  You usually don’t find me dressed up in bright flashy colors.

Isn’t she fun?!?! Thanks Laura for answering all my questions, you are a such an asset to Cocoa Daisy!

I have enjoyed getting to know Laura better through this, and I hope you have too!

January Sketch Challenge Winner
Welcome Ashley Calder!


  1. Carol N

    So glad to know about this. Didn’t know that my good friend Laura was your Roving Reporter. Congrats LC and Cocoa Daisy!

  2. Jean Marmo

    LOVE seeing my friend Laura here!!! She is a sweetie and a great inspiration!!!

  3. Bev Code

    congrats Laura.. great creations

  4. Carol (ScrapMomOf2)

    Laura is VERY fun! One of the nicest online people I know! She’s encouraging and enthusiastic about everything! You couldn’t have highlighter a nicer lady! I hope to go on one of those retreats with her in the future! I love her work! 🙂

  5. Sherry C

    Laura is the best! She brings such fun and energy to CD – love her! ♥

  6. Tami White

    Laura is my long time friend and I still learned some new things today about her–one thing for sure she is a HOOT! Congrats Laura on your well deserved HIGHLIGHT!

  7. Dria

    YAY for Laura! Laura you do a wonderful job on your pages!

  8. Christine

    It’s so wonderful having you be a part of our community Laura!

  9. Wendy A

    Love hearing all about you Laura! What a wonderful true friend.

  10. Louise

    Love reading all this interesting info about you Laura!

  11. Lisa (jjflair)

    Yay, Laura! Loved learning more about you! You are quite the sunny spot on the Cocoa Daisy message boards! 🙂

  12. Jeanette Nyström (jeany)

    So great to got to know you more Laura. You seems to have a great life! You spreds so much good energy here at CD


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