Daisy Devotion

One of the things I really like about Cocoa Daisy is the community.
And one of the things I love most about that community is when it grows.
Recently we’ve had a new member join the forum.
She’d heard about Cocoa Daisy through a friend and decided to join up and say hi.
Her story really touched me and I wanted to throw a little spotlight on her.
Please welcome Kathy (Chloesue12) to Cocoa Daisy.
I love that she jumped straight in and uploaded some work to the gallery.
Here are just two examples of her work

Zoo Trip:

Mommy and Daddy = Lane

You can say hi to her on her introduction post
Or leave some love in her gallery
Thanks for being part of our community Kathy!

Our biggest promotion ever!
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  1. Crystal

    What a nice thing to do for Kathy!! Sharmaine you are so sweet!! 🙂

  2. Stephanie Wheeler

    Thanks for introducing her! Love her gallery 🙂


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