Daisy Devotion featuring Lydia Smith

We love our members! They are the reason Cocoa Daisy is such an awesome place. Christine does a fabulous job with putting together gorgeous kits, but it’s the members who play with those kits, share their work, chat on the message boards and social media sites that really make this place fun for all of us. So once a month, one of the DT members chooses a member and spotlights them.

This month, I’m happy to introduce you to Lydia Smith, aka okmama.

Lydia is a mainstay at Cocoa Daisy, she’s always joining in our discussions on the message board and chatting with us on Sneak and Reveal Days. And watch out for her at our Bi-annual Crops. She keeps the boards hopping! She’s been around long before I got here, and she was one of the first to make me feel a part of this community when she started chatting with me on Twitter. I am grateful for her warm welcome.

She’s from the beautiful region of British Columbia, born and raised in Vancouver. Mom to three boys, Lydia has been married to her best friend for ten years now. After they married, the newlywed couple promptly packed up and moved to Vernon in the Okanagan Valley in BC (about 5 hours from Vancouver). They live at the edge of ranch land with big lakes and vineyards close at hand. She loves it there (who wouldn’t?!?!). Lydia has had the blessing of being a SAHM to her boys for the last 8 years.

I asked her to answer a few questions so we could get to know her better, so pull up a chair and find out a bit more about Lydia.

Q1.        What is your most creative time?

Afternoons and evenings in an ideal world. I like to feel productive and purposeful in the morning (or read in bed drinking coffee), then play in the afternoon until it’s time to feed the monsters. Then put on some music and keep playing once their in bed. Of course, it’s rare that a day actually goes that way, but I like to dream.

Q2.       What is your top 5 playlist?

My new love is Feist who just won a bunch of Junos (Canadian music awards) including Artist of the Year. I also love Arcade Fire, Tegan and Sara, Modest Mouse and Clem Snide.

Q3.       What’s next on your scrappy life list?

I really want to explore more art techniques and learn to use Lightroom to process my digital photos. I also want to figure out how to make a project life project that works for me. I think it’s time to stop thinking and work it out by doing. I’d also like to start submitting to magazines and applying to design teams later this year.

Q4.       What is your favorite retreat?

As in going somewhere, any ocean beach with pounding waves. For us, that’s usually in Nova Scotia while visiting my IL’s. But I also love the Oregon Coast and Long Beach on Vancouver Island. I also need occasional retreats from my daily chaos and I find that in hikes in the woods or a good walk in the country, or simply retreating to read/write in bed in the evening.

Q5.       If your life was a movie, what actress would play you?

Tough question since I don’t follow movies or actors/actresses at all anymore. So I’ll go with Kate Hepburn since I’ve always loved her non-conformist style and spirit.

Q6.       Who are the most important people in your life?

My husband and kids, hands down. They are my world.

Q7.       Where do you start when you scrap? (picture, story, product, varies)

Usually I start with pictures and a sense of story, but when I mix it up and start with product/design ideas I have a lot of fun with it.

Q8.       What’s your favorite blog?

I don’t really have one. I haven’t really been keeping up with blogs so much lately. I’ve recently found SoapHOUSEMama’s (Ashli Oliver’s) blog purplemailbox.com. Love the fresh enthusiasm in her writing.

Q9.       What food would describe your style? (credit for this question goes to DT member Nat Kalbach)

I had to talk this over with my husband. The best I can come up with is a lamb stew recipe that I make in the slow cooker. It’s hearty, comfort food but the spicing is slightly exotic. (The recipe is athttp://food.chatelaine.com/Recipes/View/Moroccan_lamb I substitute Kalamata olives for the green)

Q10.    What is “dressed up” for you?

I’m not much for dressing up. Simply adding jewelry to my usual clothes works for me.


Thank you to Lydia for being so willing to share her stories with us here at Cocoa Daisy, we are so lucky to have her (I’m lucky she’s a lot like me and can work to a deadline 🙂 !).

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  1. AnnaB

    Yay, I loved reading about you Lydia…! The wedding layout is so so so gorgeous..!

  2. Joan

    Hi Lydia! It was neat reading about you…it’s sounds beautiful where you live. OMG your wedding layout is stunning!

  3. Aliza

    It’s so nice to read about you Lydia. Lovely layouts.

  4. soapHOUSEmama

    so fun to learn more about you!!! Love your projects always and thanks so much for the mention!!!!


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